“Jersey Pawn” Offers Inside Look at the People, Places, and Products Of New Jersey

Kickstarter Campaign Launched by Bernard Ciongoli

Pawn shops have long been a popular subject for reality television because of the intriguing characters that run things behind the counter, customers who wish to sell their property and the items with rich back stories that are brought in. A new show, “Jersey Pawn” shines a spotlight on all of these aspects by featuring people, places, and products of the area at the Pawndingo Pawnshop of Totowa, New Jersey.

Owned and operated by Bernie “Cool” Ciongoli, Pawndingo Pawnshop is the home of some of New Jersey’s most fascinating people and goods. Bernie is himself an important figure in history with interesting brushes with iconic persons. Among his most captivating stories is his encounter with Apple founder Steve Jobs. After inventing his product called the light pen which allowed a user to draw on the computer screen, Bernie was invited to demonstrate its functionality for Mr. Jobs in California. After the demonstration, Mr. Jobs informed him that they had another product they were going to use, a product they had just acquired from Xerox called “The Mouse”.  Bernie is nostalgic about those days, where everything in computing were brand new territory and he wants to use his vast experience to tell stories of innovation, ingenuity, and persistence.

Like Bernie, “Jersey Pawn” is rife with fascinating stories that will enthrall viewers. “Jersey Pawn” is currently in development but needs the support of the public to succeed. In addition to encouraging people to bring in their antiques and prized possessions to the Pawndingo Pawnshop, Bernie and his team would like to invite prominent New Jersey celebrities and business leaders to visit the store and play a key role in an episode.

The show’s creators would also like the public to participate in this important project by financially supporting it.  To produce the high quality show that Bernie and the public expects, they estimate that $50,000 must be raised.  In return for supporting this project, you may also receive valuable perks like T-shirts, show credits, digital downloads, Skype interviews with a Pawndingo broker, invitation to the launch party, speaking role, 30 second promotion, or a private dinner with the cast.  

For more information about “Jersey Pawn”, or to make a financial pledge, please visit:

Website: jerseypawnshow.com


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