New board game for kids expounds Buddhist principles

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Ditte’, designed for children 10 and older, is a fun way to learn about life, leadership and inner strength.

Dimuthu Calyaneratne of Sri Lanka firmly believes that the best way for children to learn is through games. That’s one of the reasons he became a game designer.

“Games give kids better opportunities to learn as compared to reading a book,” Calyaneratne said. “Games engage their minds, get them thinking about their moves and strategy. And they have fun. When children are having fun, they absorb more knowledge.”

It’s not just his opinion. Calyaneratne has read the works of Howard Gardner and Ikujiro Nonaka, who made extensive research studies (later turned into books) about organizational knowledge creation.

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Calyaneratne’s latest project is Ditte, an educational board game that is a training exercise in life, leadership and inner strength, focusing on Buddhist principles. This game, designed for children 10 and older, received a presidential award in 2008. 

“Every game is a lesson in life,” he explained. “This leadership game is a lot of fun and can be played in the classroom with the teacher supervising play.”

The 10 fundamental qualities of leadership, emphasized in Ditte’, are:

  • Dana (Gifting wisdom/Showing the right way)
  • Parithyaga (Sacrifice)
  • Sila (Virtue or self discipline)
  • Thapasa (Austerity)
  • Riju (Uprightness)
  • Mrudu (Softness)
  • Avihimsa (Non-harm)
  • Akroda (Non-ill-will)
  • Khanthi (Patience and Forbearance)
  • Avirodita (Non-conflict/Stay Focused)

Calyaneratne is seeking $50,000 in start-up capital to mass produce 10,000 game sets. In order to generate this funding, he has launched an Indiegogo campaign, which can be viewed at The Indiegogo page includes a photo of the Ditte game board and details about playing. 

Donations of any amount are welcome. For $30, backers will receive four copies of Ditte’.

“Being a Buddhist, I believe that I should do something good for society,” Calyaneratne said. “This is my gift to the world. Contributors will help me to influence children all over the world with this indigenous knowledge (true story about Ashoka- the emperor of India) found in my country, Sri Lanka. Contributors can help distribute this terrific game, which has so much to offer kids.”

For additional information, visit; the Ditte’ website,; or the Ditte Facebook page,

Calyaneratne can be reached directly at

Ditte' - To teach fundamental qualities of Leadership. (by Dimuthu Calyaneratne)

Ditte’ – To teach fundamental qualities of Leadership. (by Dimuthu Calyaneratne)

How the knowledge is being created in the minds of children.
How the knowledge is being created in the minds of children.

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