Adding Color to the Industry, Creating Optical Inspection Software Technology

On August 20, 2018, the “2018 China Electronics Manufacturing Industry Technology Innovation Award” was successfully concluded with the award ceremony. In addition to the plaques and bonuses that symbolize the honor, images of the winners, Ms. Fang Chen, Ms. Min Jin, and Mr. Chuanjun Zheng, also appeared on NASDAQ’s big screen outside the New York Times Square, famously dubbed “crossroads of the world”, showcasing these outstanding elites from the Chinese electronics manufacturing industry who set benchmarks for the industry.

The “China Electronics Manufacturing Industry Technology Innovation Award” is a nationwide professional event sponsored by the China Electronics and Electrical Industry Association, starting from 2002. It focuses on promoting the technological innovation of China’s electronics manufacturing industry, and encouraging talents in the industry to actively explore cutting-edge technologies. With the increasing influence and reputation of the awards, more and more technical experts, research elites, and well-known entrepreneurs in the industry started to pay attention to the awards, and were enthusiastic to participate. To further enhance the competition, the organizer of the award has further adjusted the nomination rules and the composition of the panel. Now, the awards are given to individuals based on three basic indicators: technological innovation, economic and social benefits, and marketing value. The organizer also invited heavyweight and authoritative technical experts in China’s electronic manufacturing industry as judging panel to conduct the review and award process, making it more objective, fair and strict.

On October 17, 2018, Beijing Time, Ms. Min Jin, a Chinese researcher on software technology, appeared on the NASDAQ screen as the second prize winner of the “2018 China Electronics Manufacturing Industry Technology Innovation Award”. During the competition, Ms. Min Jin won the honor with her fully automatic in-line optical quality inspection technology. This technology can be applied by electronics manufacturing firms to greatly improve the quality inspection accuracy and speed. The application of her technology allows measurement to be made on tiny spatial scales, which in turn enables rapid shape and color matching to the expected final product. The successful commercialization of the technology allowed other China’s electronic manufacturing companies to conduct excellent quality controls, which not only improves their market competitiveness, but also promotes the rapid development of industrial automation. For this reason, Ms. Jin and her innovations received unanimous praise from her clients, and she is no doubt a leader in the field of automatic in-line optical inspection.

As the president of Dalian Jinyuda Technology Development Co., Ltd., Ms. Min Jin is an outstanding software technology expert in China. She is especially adept at innovation in optical inspection software and technology, and owned many important technical achievements. Her major achievement is aimed at improving the speed and accuracy of optical quality inspection, which can greatly improve the economic efficiency and market competitiveness of her clients, and help promoting the development of the whole electronics industry. Therefore, the software and technology developed by her meet the urgent needs of the market and the industry.

Ms. Min Jin expresses great happiness with the reception of the honor of the technology innovation award. After being showcased on the NASDAQ big screen on New York Times Square, she said in an interview: “I feel much honored to be given the second prize, but I am even more honored to be presented at the world’s display window. I would like to express my thanks to the organizer for the platform and opportunities, to the award panel for their recognition of my innovative technologies, to the customers for their support of the new technology I developed. In the future, I will continue to travel on the road of software technology development, to strengthen my research capabilities, and to develop new and more practical quality assurance software, which can deliver more economic and social value.”

This time, the organizer of the “China Electronics Manufacturing Industry Technology Innovation Award” showcased the winners on the NASDAQ big screen in Times Square, New York, USA, not only to recognize and support the winners by promoting their contributions to the industry, but also to showcase China’s outstanding e-manufacturing technology research and development elites through the big screen. It is an important step to popularize this award selection by going abroad, and let more people know about this important award.

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