InnoPD, China-Based Product Development Company Offers Turnkey Plastic Injection Molding Solutions

Innopd, a leading product development company in China, recently announced that they are coming up with turnkey plastic injection molding solutions

Innopd, a top-notch product development company in China, recently announced that they are proffering turnkey plastic injection molding solutions. The company is all set to provide mold making service to their clients for both single mold making demands and product development as well. The owners also notified the press of their plans and the advantages of their new service.

Being one of the most prominent turnkey product development and manufacturing companies in China and Asia-Pacific region, Innopd specializes in product and industrial design, prototyping, and final product manufacturing.

A spokesperson of the company said, “Plastic injection mold is a crucial and an indispensable tool that’s primarily made of steel and is used to obtain plastic parts through the process of injection molding.  A plastic mold usually comprises a core side and a cavity side. Through the injection molding process, the mold is fastened to the injection machine in order to get filled with raw materials. After the solidification of the injected material, we furnish the final plastic product.”

He added, “The advantages of plastic injection mold are many. Plastic molded parts are way cheaper in comparison to die casting, extrusion, and metal machining.  A large volume of plastic products can be obtained in a short time through plastic injection molding.  A plastic injection mold is vital as far as attaining an industrial design with the perfect shape and accurate dimensions, is concerned.  In addition to that, a plastic injection mold is probably the most repeatable process availed for manufacturing plastic parts. As soon as our mechanical design is finalized and approved, we will start working on the plastic injection mold to acquire the plastic parts for the product development demands. ”

The CEO of Innopd stated, “The total cost of mold making for product development in China is around 40% less than the United States and Europe. There are ample mold manufacturers in our country, but we offer arguably the best services in terms of cost and quality. We have a dedicated team which takes utmost care to improve product functionality, product quality, and the product cost from time to time and ensures superior services. We take strict quality control measures for our injection molded products.”

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