LuminCX Introduces Highly Secure and Sovereign Private Blockchain File Storage Platform

Calgary, Alberta – LuminCX is pleased to announce the introduction of their highly secure and sovereign private blockchain file storage platform.

Designed to meet the ever increasing file sharing and storage demands of businesses across the globe, LuminCX is the latest innovation to provide businesses with the ultimate secure file storage they need.

“When we created LuminCX, we knew we wanted to develop a blockchain platform that was not only secure, but easy to use,” says Micky Multani, founder of LuminCX. “With our unique file storage and sharing platform, users can easily distribute and share their most important documents with complete control and privacy.”

In its design, LuminCX uses blockchain technology to ensure a proof of “true copy” of a business’s files. As the platform uses a unique distributed design of their file storage, there will never be a single point of failure and plus, all the files are encrypted.

“More and more we are seeing businesses frustrated with traditional storage platforms, like Google Drive, Dropbox, or local USB drives,” states Multani. “With LuminCX, files are always available to users because files are not stored on one single server.”

In addition to this unique feature, file downloads occur at extremely high speeds, enabling businesses to continuously share data in real time. The platform is highly scalable to meet even the largest transfer demands.

LuminCX is ideal for a wide variety of businesses and uses. The platform’s blockchain technology is beneficial for purposes such as:

  • Secure document storage and sharing in the legal industry;
  • Sharing of reports and sensitive data in educational institutions;
  • Storage and distribution of patient health data for healthcare providers;
  • Sharing and storage for financial institutions, such as banks;
  • Maintaining records of publications, inventions and original designs;
  • Storing blueprints for engineers;
  • And so much more!

To ensure users’ data is sovereign and compliant with data privacy regulations, such as PIPEDA in Canada, LuminCX stores data on geographically defined nodes. As a result, users can be rest assured their data is always subject to the appropriate data privacy laws and regulatory authorities. 

For more information about LuminCX, please visit their website at

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