Introducing the Best-Kept Secret to Creating Unforgettable Photos, with One Single Click

Los Angeles, CA – Melanie Martins, Europe’s top luxury travel influencer, is pleased to announce the launch of her online store, Melanie Martins Presets. Presets, often created by photographers and post-editors, are filters designed to transform pictures and give them a professional look. As a photographer and post-editor herself, Melanie has created Presets in her own style, which she has now released online so that everyone can take advantage of them.

“Photography is my passion,” says Melanie. “I’ve always used high-end cameras, but I know from experience that the only way to achieve that unforgettable photo is in post-edition. We’re offering a set of collections, each with 10 Presets, which will truly transform your pictures.”

According to Melanie, most photographers are reluctant to share their Presets, and don’t want them copied. But her community of over 2 million Instagram followers made their feelings known, and Melanie decided to release them on her website.

Reaction to Melanie’s Presets from both bloggers and customers has been overwhelmingly positive:

“I could finally understand that Presets were the make-or-break to achieve professional pictures no matter if they were taken with your phone or not.” ~

“I couldn’t believe how powerful and impressive was the transformation before/after the Preset.” ~ New York Gal.

“I’ve transformed my mobile photos from boring to stunning in 1 single click!” ~ Georgia F.

“Anyone who enjoys taking pictures for Instagram can now produce phenomenal photos,” adds Melanie. “You’ll be able to edit your photos just like those Instagram celebs who charge $15k per post. And all it takes is a single click… every photo can be beautiful with the right preset!”

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About Melanie Martins

Recognized by Thrive Global as ‘Europe’s Number 1 Luxury Travel Influencer,’ Melanie Martins is renowned as a French-Portuguese luxury travel influencer, and has well over two million followers. Writer, storyteller, brand consultant, photographer, model, stylist, editor and professional speaker, Melanie is one of the most followed Portuguese on Instagram.

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