Romanian Paintings: Assets That Offer Cultural As Well As Financial Appreciation

1. Aripile Destinului (Flügel des Schicksals), 2002 – Adrian Ghenie

“My work is more like a Jungian dream, which is not necessarily bad or good – it simply is. I’m not investigating the dark side of the history. I’m interested in paradoxes within the history that is there. So, I dive into a collective subconsciousness that already exists and is weird and paradoxical, without a clear direction.” – Adrian Ghenie

Estimate: 300.000 – 420.000 EUR

2. Untitled (Connaissez-vous des Esseintes?) – Victor Man

Victor Man’s painting is not what is but rather all that might be. It is a space of possibilities, in contact with itself at all points, inside it, outside it, next to it. Man seems to trace a connection between the woman in his painting and the character of des Esseintes, alluding to the latter’s psychological inability to adapt to his present state of living and attempt to attain a better and more beautiful inner world. The work plays ambiguously with the sense of ennui and desire for isolation referred to in Huysman’s novel.

Estimate: 65.000 – 80.000 EUR

3. Symbolism Summer – Nelu Gradeanu

This painting will dominate the wall. Liberated from detail, this painting exposes moments of everyday life that taps into the viewers’ mind. Complementing the expressiveness of the work are the artist’s simplified abstractions of shape, color and the containment of light creating an immersive environment.

Estimate: 20.000 – 28.000 EUR

4. Insomniac Customers of Matter – Marius Bercea

Based on photographs and memory, Marius Bercea’s brilliantly colored large-scale paintings feature the landscapes of post-Communist early-capitalist Romania, both monumentally imposing and decrepit. Stylistically influenced by 16th- and 17th-century Dutch painting, Bercea’s works depict figures at leisure or engaged in collective activity against dramatic architectural backdrops. Inexplicable details, such as the stiff-limbed blow-up doll lying prostrate on a stool in Truths in Multiple Masks (2011), add surreal touches to Bercea’s works, enhancing the deeply personal nature of the narratives.

Estimate: 80.000 – 120.000 EUR

5. Aise – Camil Ressu

In creating his nudes, Camil Ressu always remains faithful to the architecture of the human body, depicted in such a way as to be in accord with reality and to the classical canons of Renaissance inspiration. The configuration of his nudes shows a sense of measure and proportion, the transposed ideal of beauty expressing plain vivacity and the naturalness of carnality disavowed, however, by sensuality.

Estimate: 40.000 – 60.000 EUR

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