Chinese High School Genius Invents Water Quality Testing System

A genius Chinese student named Yike Wang is in the spotlight these days for designing a water quality testing system. Yike is a high school student at Hangzhou Foreign Languages School who invented “LOT Intelligent Environment Management System V1.0,” receiving a national patent on December 13, 2017.

Xixi National Wetland Park is a national 5A grade tourist destination that is anticipated to become the World Cultural Heritage site. A few years ago, Xixi Wetland began drowning in toxic chemicals and illegal sewage discharges.  In response to Zhejiang Province’s call for a “five water treatment,” Yike designed a monitoring system to fight pollution in the wetland.

Yike Wang thought of this invention when she noticed that nearby homeowners and business owners illegally discharged their wastes straight into the rivers of Xixi Wetland. Sewage caused the environmental quality of Xixi Wetland to decline. Yet, the government faced difficulties in tracing the primary cause of these illegal emissions.

The new water quality testing system was designed in 2014, completed on January 20, 2016, and received a patent on December 13, 2017. Yike Wang installed sensors that track pH values, dissolved oxygen concentration and electrical conductivity in real time. This data is then uploaded to an online database, which is rendered in hexadecimal form. Yike Wang parses all the collected information, converts it to binary numbers, and establishes a rational connection between ranges of data using mathematical models in order to set up an automatic alarm system.

After completing this product, she gave it to the Xixi Wetland Ecological Management Research Station. She also set up more than 200 monitoring points for various institutions, including Tonglu Rural Sewage Monitoring Company and Taizhou Huangyan Seafood Processing Enterprise Sewage Monitoring Company .

Yike Wang commented that, “If you want to carry out conventional domestic sewage or industrial sewage discharge, you can register on the LOT platform. The system will calculate and audit the parameters of sewage discharge, considering factors such as whether the emissions are controllable or whether it will impact water ecosystems. If the audit is approved, it will be reported to the government. If the government greenlights the approval, the system will automatically modify the reasonable range of parameters during the period.”

What sets this new system apart is that it is easy to use. Simply put the sensor into the waters and data for pH value, dissolved oxygen concentration, turbidity, water temperature, water level, conductivity will be collected in two-second intervals and uploaded  to an online platform for data processing. Once the indicators exceed a reasonable range, an alarm will sound, making it easy to trace the source and urge rectification.

Within two years, Yike Wang successfully set up this system in more than 200 rivers in China and received a national patent for her work. Based on statistics provided by the local government, many factories now purify waste before expelling it and 95% of illegal sewage discharge in those watercourses have been eliminated.

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