Thebis Wellness Website Cultivates Awareness about Mental Health

Houston, TX – As societal and cultural pressures have steadily grown, the mental health of the general public has steadily declined. Anxiety, depression, and countless other mental obstacles have become more commonplace as pressures build up in everyone’s surrounding environments. That is why has developed a website that deals with the discussion and shared information of mental health, including but not limited to depression, anxiety, insomnia, and addiction. is not only dedicated to providing information, but also offering assistance. They deal with supplying tips and advice for those struggling with their mental health or for the loved ones of those who are. If one is seeking anxiety attack help online, aims to be the website to provide exactly what they are looking for. They seek to assist others in their journey to mental wellness and exhibit unconditional support for them on their way.

Due to the negative stigma attributed to mental illness, a website is an ideal platform to anonymously support and give advice to those in need. Considerations like “Should I see a therapist?” are treated seriously and with the utmost respect. In a world where discussion about one’s mental health is still relatively taboo, a website that utilizes anonymity to contribute to mending the gap between stigma and reality is heavily influential.

Most of the available articles on their website are about coping with mental illness rather than learning about each obstacle. For example, many of the available health articles on stress highlight the various means of reducing one’s stress as opposed to understanding it. They also publish articles covering a spectrum of content, including articles that address natural remedies that can assist with issues such as depression or anxiety. Click here to learn more about the vast array of knowledge concerning mental health.

The content published on are strictly informative articles, rather than promotional content, giving readers a sense of personal connection. Dealing with, reducing, and ridding oneself entirely of stress, anxiety, depression, and other debilitating emotional and mental health burdens are just a few of the topics that make so straightforward and informative. takes mental health seriously, and thus has structured their website to better inform and support their readers. They provide a safe space online wherein people can be both informed and consoled. As mental health concerns are increasingly affecting larger populations of the general public, Thebis seeks to enlighten readers and bring the conversation out into the open.

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