HappyBABY Thoughtfully Crafted Organic Nutrition Journey, Unveil the No.1 Organic Baby Food in U.S.

From September 17th to September 19th, 2018, the U.S. No.1premium organic baby food brand HappyBABY started a Thoughtfully Crafted Organic Traceability Journey to California, U.S.

A number of well-known mother-and-baby e-commerce platform leaders and social media KOLs from China were invited to the event. From firsthand experience on California’s organic farm to visiting Los Angeles supermarket chain, HappyBABY showcased the concept of thoughtfully crafted organic nutrition from the country of origin and the market position of the renowned organic brand in the U.S.

Photo: HappyBABY Thoughtfully Crafted Organic Traceability Journey in the U.S.

The first stop of the tour was the organic farm, Grimmway Farm which is one of raw material suppliers of HappyBABY. The farm, located in the sunny South San Joaquin Valley in central California, has over 60-year experience in crop production. It currently has more than 60 kinds of organic fruits and vegetables. Raw materials of HappyBABY like beets and kale, are provided by Grimmway Farm. 

HappyBABY selects seasonal ingredients from organic growing area around the world, chooses only premium organic nutrition, and cooperates with organic farms all over the world. When evaluating cooperation partners, like Grimmway Farms, HappyBABY requires the soils for planting to be free of any artificial pesticides, herbicides or any chemical fertilizers for three years. 

When the tour group visited the farm’s planting area, the farm owner said, “Compared with non-organics, the planting of organics has very strict requirements for soil, water source, and planting technology. The production standards are much stricter, with higher and safer product quality. For example, to avoid the use of herbicides, we put a lot of manpower to manually weed the grass. We are proud that HappyBABY let more babies around the world can enjoy the organic fruits and vegetables produced here!”

In addition to safety guarantees, take the organic kale, one of the raw materials of HappyBABY’s Clearly Crafted, for example: it is richer in calcium, iron, and vitamin C than non-organic raw materials. Claire POETHKE, a nutrition expert at the HappyBABY R&D Center attended the event and added, “We continually focus on optimizing and enriching the formulation of organic products, tailored to different growth stages of babies. We carefully extract the essence of food to preserve complete nutrition and create nutritious super recipes only for the Thoughtfully Crafted Organic Nutrition.”

Photo: Claire POETHKE, a nutrition expert at HappyBABY R&D Center

In the following activities, members of the tour group had a taste of the lunch made from the farm’s own organic ingredients, and picked the farm’s organic fruits and vegetables, which was a feast of a full pack of organic experience. 

At the welcome dinner, Kelly Damewood, the CCOF official (California Certified Organic Farmers) was invited and said, “The United States, as a global organic power, has formed a mature organic market and industry. CCOF is responsible for organic certification by the standards of the most authoritative United State Department of Agricultural (USDA). The USDA standards are extremely demanding and require a very strict process certification. Products with USDA Organic certification marked on the package such as HappyBABY’s indicate that more than 95% of the ingredients are organic, and they are 100% non-GMO.”

Photo: CCOF official Kelly Damewood & HappyBABY Global Brand VP Nathalie ABRAHAMIA

At the end of the tour, the group went to California’s renowned supermarket chain Target and Whole Foods Market. The display of HappyBABY products on supermarket shelves stood out, and many American mothers who were shopping for baby food for their babies chose HappyBABY products. 

Ms. Nathalie ABRAHAMIAN, Vice President of HappyBABY Global Brand, accompanied the group in the market visit and said: “More and more American families are consciously choosing organic food for their babies. Based on the data of IRI user surveys in the US market over the past 26 weeks, HappyBABY has firmly held the No.1 position in the U.S. infant organic food market. HappyBABY has become the first choice of organics for American mothers. At the same time, HappyBABY has been committed to bringing more organic and healthy nutrition to babies around the world, including in China.” 

It is understood that since its founding in 2006, HappyBABY has focused on selecting seasonal ingredients from organic growing area around the world with the philosophy of Thoughtfully Crafted Organic Nutrition and providing a comprehensive organic nutrition solution to babies at different ages. Its whole range of products, including Puff, Cereal, Yogis, Clearly Crafted, Hearty Meal, Teether and other infant organic complementary food and infant formula, all are certified by the authoritative USDA Organic.

Photo: HappyBABY’s products

Today, HappyBABY and the maternal-and-child e-commerce platforms have brought this Thoughtfully Crafted Organic Nutrition to China. Chinese mothers can purchase the official cross-border products with quality after-sale service through Tmall’s official overseas flagship store, Tmall Direct International, JD Worldwide, VIP International, NetEase Koala, Mia, Nicomama, Yunji, Xiaohongshu’s HappyBABY flagship store etc.

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