Meet the founder of Camelia, Song Moxin, and explore the successful marketing story behind Dyson’s Airwrap styler

It is difficult to portray Song Moxin accurately for the media because of her diversified activities in different fields. However, compared with continuous entrepreneur, CEO, marketing expert, female opinion leader, and other titles, she prefers to be defined as a beauty transmitter…

It is difficult to portray Song Moxin accurately for the media because of her diversified activities in different fields. However, compared with continuous entrepreneur, CEO, marketing expert, female opinion leader, and other titles, she prefers to be defined as a beauty transmitter. During the past four years, she has integrated her accumulated experiences in the fields of technology, fashion and communication, and achieved a unique brand culture and spiritual core for Camelia with her idea of  “the best 1%”.

Camelia has become the media spotlight recently because of an article called “Wow! The Dyson automatic Airwrap curler is coming. This is the ultimate must-buy list for the year”, which broke the highest reading record of the brand’s marketing articles with 11 million readers. Therefore, the journalist interviewed Camelia’s founder, Song Moxin, to discover the story behind this wave of marketing.

Understand the influence of good content from phenomenal marketing events

Every journalist who interviewed Song Moxin will be surprised by her appearance. She is really young and beautiful compared with the inherent impression of entrepreneurs. Her beauty has an artistic conception, which includes not only the sweetness and gentleness of traditional women, but also the independence and smoothness of modern women. However, when comes to the conversation, her rational logical thinking ability and vivid expressions will show you most beautiful part of her, the brain.

During the interview, Song Moxin occasionally checked the continuously updated data of “this is the must-buy list of the year” and the influence of the derived topics. Although the article can be a hit is in her expectation, the volume has exceeded her expectation.

The post was published at 16:15 pm on the 11th October. By midnight that day, the number of readers had already exceeded 3 million, and the next day the article really became a hit — the number of shares and reposts reached more than 1.5 million and more than 10,000 messages were listed in the featured comment area, of which the highest number of likes was 63,000.

there is a careful planning behind every click of the article, let’s take a closer look at the production path and track of this wave of marketing.

1. Selection of the topic: Based on Dyson’s geek characteristic (perfect fusion of technology, innovation, design, and beauty), Song thought that this was an information source with its own explosive point, so she decided to choose this topic immediately.

2. Creative content: The thesis of the article is from the perspective of female users’ decision, hits the pain points of female haircare: the characteristics of straight hair, curly hair, bangs, and fizzy hair, then deeply explores the potential of the product.

3. Operation perspective: The interesting and provocative comments of consumers, such as “Expensive is not your fault, it is my fault”, “What you need is not a curler, it is your hair”, “Goodbye Tony, Kevin and David”, stimulate the interest of the public, and even span the age group and attract parents to join the discussion.

4. The selection of publishing platform is important: Although everything is well prepared, the advertisement will only produce the greatest effect on the matching platform. The customers of Dyson and Camelia are highly overlapping, the two brands provide their own customers with the similar community atmosphere, so that the customers can interact harmoniously and stimulate the interest of the public.

With the rapid spread of the article, Dyson’s WeChat account index rose 3,172% from the previous month, and the official online booking channel was completely out of stock.

Creating irreplaceability in different dimensions

Song Moxin is a real hard worker. Unlike the high-profile of most practitioners in fashion industry, she is always absent of social events and rarely accepts interviews. So it is indeed a rare opportunity to talk with her.

The Dyson’s curler marketing event isn’t her first success as a crossover serial entrepreneur. From the marketing company of technology products, Berryoo, to the content e-commerce platform, Camelia, she has built up an impressive track record in marketing, which includes leading the construction of the Samsung mobile platform; providing marketing services to more than 50 international brands such as Samsung, BMW, and Disney; and as a representative of the opinion leaders of outstanding working women, she is also the long-term partner of luxury brands such as CHANEL, MIKIMOTO, Patek Philippe, OMEGA and TOM FORD.

She is creating an irreplaceability in different dimensions.

Song especially shared her experience of operating UmeTrip independently and finally realizing the growth from 0 to 40 million, of which the core strategy is user relationship operations. The operation team is online 24/7, searching the target users by keywords and providing services proactively. Many influencers who have received excellent service from the UmeTrip operating team would like to actively recommend products on social media. And this also brings more industry cooperation opportunities to UmeTrip: Top brands from various industries tend to take the initiative to cooperate, and search engines are willing to provide free resources only for connecting flight data with UmeTrip.

This experience made Song understand the importance of building a user relationship, so she also regarded user relationship maintenance as the key operation strategy of Camelia. Camelia now has 20 high-quality and active core user groups, Song takes time every day to carefully check their comments, talk with them and provide suggestions. She also asks her colleagues to reply to every comment of each article, even if it was over 10,000 comments. She hopes that all the users who come to Camelia for the first time will have better experiences.

The core business logic of a crossover entrepreneur, the methodology of deconstruction and rebuild

Berryoo was Song’s first entrepreneurial attempt, which proved that she could achieve financial freedom through her own ability. Camelia is just a response to the call from  the bottom of her heart: to discover beauty, to contact beauty, and to create beauty. Song Moxin doesn’t dream of becoming a hero to change the world, like her idol Elon Musk, but at least she can do her best to design beautiful products, to influence more people and to not waste her time.

Camelia was founded in 2014, it was dedicated to being the first consumption platform for elite work women. In order to achieve this goal, Song would rather sacrifice the dividends of flow than make some popular content, just to ensure the verticality of users.

In order to provide unique value to her users, Camelia selects from thousands of updates of the e-commerce platforms around the world everyday to find the best products, then makes recommendations for different scenarios, including dating, work and vacationing. “Our products are extremely selective, there are only 3 to 5 types of products under each category, which ensures that users do not need to look aimlessly any more, and just choose among “the best 1%”.”

During the past four years, Camelia is always influencing consumer’s decisions, from how to wear to how to buy based on its high quality original content. At the same time, Camelia has achieved the expansion and advancement of its content, e-commerce platform and self-owned women’s wear brands.

Many people asked Song why a small team should do 3 things at the same time. In her opinion, there are timelines and deadlines for everything. “Instead of following industry practices, we consider the nature of the problem and how to solve it well. Based the content team, I worked on e-commerce and established the brand “Into This Dream”.

Song’s way of working is to constantly try to deconstruct and rebuild, which is why she can reach the fashion and lifestyle fields across the boundaries of technology. “The process, the original organization structure and the original way of working are not important for me, I’ll get to know every single work in this field and set up a new process of working under my own understanding. I believe in the power of tradition and experience, but these are not all for me, I like to organize more efficient processes and higher requirements for the standards.”

Song hopes to let every woman be confident of themselves facing different people and in different situations by Camelia’s content and products. “When a woman smiles in the mirror, she is smiling to the world.”

“One is not born as a woman, but rather becomes one”, Simone de Beauvoir said. It is the sweat and tears through years achieves Song Moxin’s current characteristics: valiant and heroic.

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