Tom Edwards produces behind the scenes content for Latin pop sensation Becky G!

In July, 2018, 21-year-old Latin pop sensation Becky G released her latest summer party hit “Zooted,” headlining legends French Montana and Farruko. The music video was produced by 2 Wolves Films, Directed by Daniel Duran, and Behind the Scenes produced by the talented Tom Edwards. The music video has gained over 20 millions views in the last couple of months.

Tom is an independent director, producer and filmmaker, from Southampton, England who specializes in narrative, music and lifestyle content. Today we catch up with Tom Edwards as he shares his exclusive experience producing behind the scenes for Becky G!

How does it feel to have worked on “Zooted” with renowned artists Becky G, French Montana and Furruko?

It’s always a great time! I enjoy producing behind the scenes. I love the whole process, to be able to document, interview different music artists, and to be able to get to know them. Everybody brings a different energy! I remember Daniela Sanchez the producer texting me the day before to get my gear charged! It’s always exciting to open up my email to find out which artist I’ll be working with next. Becky G is a real sweet heart! She had great energy throughout the shoot and not to mention, this was an overnight shoot! I remember to the end of the shoot – the sun was rising, people were yawning, and Becky G still had so much energy! She really kept the crew and cast going.

Do you enjoy producing behind the scenes content?

Absolutely! If I’m not producing and directing my own films and music videos, I like to jump onto other sets and take the occasion to pick up my camera, film and network. I started as a documentary filmmaker and I would film my family travels and find it very rewarding to be able to look back at them and re-experience the moment.  As a self-taught filmmaker, I’ve done a little bit of everything and it has helped me appreciate the mechanics of how a set is run and what everybody does. When it comes to shooting behind the scenes, it’s really about having good intuition, to be ‘On your toes”, and being prepared to press record when something exciting happens.

Tom has also had the opportunity to produce behind the scenes for other notable artists including Enrique Iglesias, Joey Montana, Sebastian Yatra, Sharlene, Luny Tunes and many more. We can’t wait to see which artist he works with next.

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