Coach Lez Gets Clients Moving: Leslie Marant Betters Lives

Coach Leslie Marant of Coach Lez/Temple Building Fitness helps clients achieve their weight loss goals with her unique approach.

Fitness coach Leslie Marant of Coach Lez/Temple Building Fitness ( makes personal connections with her clients to help get them up off the couch and motivated to maintain a more active lifestyle. Using her personal magnetism, natural positivity, and affable demeanor, Coach Lez makes sure that each of her clients meet their personal fitness and weight loss goals using her low cost and highly effective techniques.

“I inspire people to live healthy and well balanced lives with a compassionate, honest, firm and funny approach to teaching people to take care of themselves,” Marant says.

Working with Marant, clients can expect to learn how to incorporate daily fitness into their already busy lifestyles. Specializing in working with busy moms, Marant is able to peel back the layers of denial and limiting behaviors that keep her clients trapped in bodies they do not like.

“The fitness industry loves ‘no excuses’. Well, people have excuses and use them all of the time,” Marant says. “I gently reveal the excuses, make the client face them, and share how to banish them as a reason for remaining stagnant. They listen because I had to lose 60 pounds and maintain that loss. They know that I know how discouraging the process can be.”

More than just a personal authority of fitness and effective weight loss, Marant also stresses of developing plans and strategies that are easy to maintain and affordable. Marant’s fitness routines are not dependent upon any particular gym or fitness system. She believes that the most effective regimens can take place in the home with minimal equipment.

Voted 2013-2014 Be Well Philly Health Hero and featured in Philadelphia Magazine, Marant’s strategy of whole-life fitness helps her clients break through barriers and make substantive life changes that are built on consistent results and compassionate self-care.

“The quest to lose weight is usually motivated by a desire to change appearance and sometimes to improve health,” Marant says. “However, when a woman commits and makes living a fit and healthy life part of her lifestyle she becomes more confident, more protective of taking care of herself, and more encouraging of others’ efforts. It’s like a health/fitness chain letter, and it’s beautiful to see the recipients open them.”

Client Patricia Hunter-Fox, a long-time friend of Marant’s turned client, resisted enrolling in Marant’s services, but was ultimately convinced and subsequently very pleased with the results.

“I’m not denying that losing weight can be hard, but I do it anyway. I deserve to be healthy and live in a body I can be proud of,” Hunter-Fox said. “The biggest contributing factor to my weight loss…has been Coach Lez. She’s amazing. Without her I don’t know that I would have had the motivation to stick with it.”

By making her programs personally relevant to her clients and easy to achieve, Marant is able to focus on her individual clients and share in their success.

“Our health is invaluable. No amount of income or education or material success matters if we are threatened with disease or disability because of lifestyle choices,” Marant says. “I make people focus on improving the quality of their lives by making living a healthy, balanced life a priority.”

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