Global Village Leaders Club Encourages Individuals to Learn Effective Leadership Skills Become Fully Engaged, Remarkable, and Succeed

Global Village Leaders Club is committed to encouraging individuals to learn effective leadership skills, become fully engaged at work, be remarkable, and in the end, succeed. The Global Village Leaders Club was created by Business Brain Leaders founder Thomas Orths,  and gives individuals the opportunity to enroll in 3 disciplines: Performance Coaching, Strategy Consulting or a Mastermind Group.

This virtually journey ensures the attendees implement practical success strategies over a 4-week, 12 week or 12 month period, to become better versions of themselves: to improve the capacity to sell, to grow as a leader – starting with personal leadership, to become outstanding at building cohesive high performance teams.

Being remarkable is not the only thing this transformational journey focuses on. The creator of Global Village Leaders Club has created a space for its members to discover their talents and potential, bring out the best in themselves and synergize in a peer group environment. The discovery of what they truly love doing, and position that as a premium service is another key to success of Global Village Leaders Club.

Individuals who want to become excellent in for example establishing cohesive virtual teams, learning effective leadership skills and improving their emotional intelligence can rely on the Global Village Leaders Club Masterclasses for excellent results. Global Village Leaders, therefore, plays a vital role not just in leadership and management development but also in virtual cohesive team building, and using emotional intelligence as leverage for success.

It will undoubtedly make individuals feel great if they end up in a place where they really love the work that they do. They are surely excited to wake up in the morning and get started. When they are at work, they can do magic because of a genuine passion for their actions, and they put their heart and soul in it. Everything seems to be effortless.

If work energizes individuals instead of draining their energy, positive results will just kick in. They become engaged, remarkable and become better versions of themselves simply because they are in their element – in the flow zone. These are what the Global Village Leaders Club want individuals to be so its founder, Thomas Orths has created a program where a small group of individuals work as a group over a month to shift their present reality towards their most desired outcome.

Being in a particular work environment that individuals like and love is just one aspect for individuals to be fully engaged. Another success factor is to know which activities provides them with the most energy. 

Apart from virtual Masterclasses, Business Brain Leaders also offers management training, executive coaching, cross cultural awareness training and programs to overcome difficulties and barriers between departments and help them work and collaborate for purposeful goals and measurable results.

These days where so many individuals are busy doing their own things, the big concern many have in mind is how to get more connected. There is proof that individuals often make wrong assumptions that result in misalignment and even disengagement and could be easily avoided by tapping into collective group intelligence. This is where Global Village Leaders Club comes in with its Masterclasses.

These Mastermind groups help individuals to learn from each other and improve their leadership qualities at the same time, as the club members are asked to take the lead of the group in regular intervals, learning to lead virtually, managing real people in real time solving real business issues! By spending quality time in virtual group sessions, diving into deep issues until they are resolved, a strong bond is created amongst the Global Village Leaders Alumni.

They encourage individuals to work on meaningful projects and learn at the same time how to build strong collaboration and eventually the level of cohesion. This includes mastering the art of defining a common overall goal as well as creating individual objectives and development plans over the duration of the masterclass, and align both. So individuals can work on their own goals and get help from their team members to get there.

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