Two-Time Grammy Music Award Nominee, Mark Brine Launches a Book

An adoption of his original work, the two-time Grammy Music Award nominee Mark Brine launches a book titled “Jack Frost and the Carol… for Kids and the Young at Heart.” Even though it’s written with children in mind and for the young at heart, the new book of Mark has a profound biblical message and is the missing link of history which unites the idea of Santa Claus linked to Christmas along with the concept of Bethlehem. Mark Brine is a famous country music singer and an author who wrote different books. 

Capturing the spirit and essence of America through song would be a demanding endeavor for any artist. However, Mark Brine has established a long career of it. For many decades, he has gained admirers and supporters, critical praises and awards for his huge efforts in traditional American music.

As described in Amazon, the original book The Carol: and the True Folk Legend of Jack Frost is a “mind-movie, a literary epic and a music odyssey all in one. A winter-into-spring (though totally enjoyable year ’round!) story and an account of the greatest hymn of all-time and its creator, the most overlooked hero in all of Christmas history. Here is an adult (possibly young-adult in some cases) and very calculated, intricate plot with a profound ending and message.”

Brine is a multi-award winner, whose incredible talent has been known with Grammys, and numerous awards. He was also inaugurated into the National Traditional Country Music Association Hall of Fame in 2005. Throughout his recording and singer career, he has put together a remarkable collection of albums which highlight not just his voice and guitar skills, but also his terrific songwriting skills and his knack for musical arrangement and composition.

Though the professional music debut of Brines came as an electric guitar player for various rock bands across Massachusetts, he unplugged his guitar and followed down the path established by Williams, Rodgers and other iconic figures of American music.

“I think Mark Brine must be Americana’s best-kept secret. A singer/songwriter for over thirty years, a friend of the late and legendary pioneer fiddlin’ Sid Harkreader, Brine writes wonderful story songs about ordinary people and ordinary places. And to tell these stories, Mark has a voice that is as comfortable as the favorite coat,” said Pete Smith, from Country Music Round-Up.

Jack Frost and the Carol… for Kids and the Young at Heart is published by REGS Books Publishing. The book is available through Amazon.

About Mark Brine:

Mark is a twice-nominated Grammy Music Award for best male country vocalist and best country song. He has played with and sang with some of the greats. He lives in the Nashville, Tennessee area and is an Inductee into The National Traditional Country Music Association Hall of Fame. He is the author of many books.

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