Blockshine & Blockchain Global Partner with Ruden Blockchain

Blockshine and Blockchain Global are pleased to announce a partnership with Ruden Holdings Co Ltd(TYO:1400). The two companies will jointly work together to build the Ruden Blockchain platform and push the real estate industry to a new era of transparency. Ruden Holdings is one of the first wave of established publicly listed businesses moving to truly embrace blockchain technology, with ambitious plans to enable the purchasing of real estate in Japan using cryptocurrencies.

The Ruden Blockchain will speed up the cumbersome transaction times and eliminate expensive fund transfer costs associated with buying property, particularly with international payments.

The Ruden platform will allow entire buildings to have communal cryptocurrency wallets for maintenance, removing the need for traditional bank escrow and reducing the number of staff required for the collection and distribution of maintenance funds. This open ledger system allows the tenants to directly track how their maintenance fees are spent and reduce the opportunity for corruption to enter the system.

Ruden’s platform will collate real estate data and ensure it is accessible in frequently updated databases which are linked to the ethereum blockchain, allowing easy access to comprehensive information whilst keeping it accessible and transparent. Records will also be standardised, cutting out data duplication and the need to manually search for information, allowing for data mining and more accurate analysis of the market.

Blockshine will provide their technical expertise in creating the Ruden Blockchain token, along with building the platform to ensure regulatory compliance with Japanese law. Renowned incubator, Blockchain Global has also invested into Ruden Blockchain, boosting confidence in the platforms future success.

About Ruden Holdings Co Ltd

Founded in 2000 and headquartered in Tokyo, Japan; Ruden Holdings Co.,Ltd. is a real estate developer, and provides real estate brokerage and consulting services; manages buildings, condominiums, and public facilities; constructs, maintains, and provides cleaning services for buildings. It also offers renovation services such as wall coatings for new homes; flooring, housing equipment exchange and remodeling services, etc.

About Blockshine

A first-of-its-kind blockchain technology ecosystem which is set to usher in a new era of blockchain based products and services and global community hubs with industry leading strategic partners. Providing full service, all-in-one blockchain solutions – all backed by the world’s most ambitious blockchain pioneers.

About Blockchain Global

A multi-faceted incubator working with Australian government to bring regulatory standards to the blockchain industry. Blockchain Global has invested in more than eighty blockchain projects to date.

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