The Impatient Atheist by Anwesh Satpathy released worldwide

Here is a teenager’s take on the sanctity of God through his newly released book ‘The Impatient Athiest’. The book is available on online channels worldwide.

“Let this book ignite a war of ideas instead of unwarranted ad-hominem….”

Not many dare to ponder or write on a topic that 95% of the population feels afraid of even thinking. Religion and God are two such aspects hammered in to the psyche of each and every individual that they dare not question outside the norm.

And what is the norm? Religion is for us and God is omni-present. Acts performed in the name of religion are considered sacred. Those who question the same are considered outliers.

Anwesh Satpathy, a 16-year-old writer, blogger, thinker, reader, debater and public speaker, has ignited a war of ideas instead of unwarranted ad-hominem.

Does God exist?

Are religions above criticism? 

Is it possible for human beings to be good without God? 

Why do we believe in God? 

Is it fear that makes us believe in the Almighty?

If such questions come to your mind, you must pick this book and read. Carefully though-through, backed by frameworks as proposed by famous philosophers and thinkers, this book aims to provide clarity of thought and action. In this enlightening book, the teenage writer gives his perspective about questions that most of us don’t even dare to ask.

This book takes us through a brief tour de force into fields as diverse as philosophy, evolutionary biology, science, literature and history. Engrossing and short, this will provoke you to think.

Since its launch, the book, published by White Falcon Publishing, has been in the Bestsellers List on Amazon.

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