As the Annual Emerging Project of Blockchain Industry, the ADE Chain was Interviewed by CCTV

ADE global cross-border social e-commerce chain, based on block chain technology, systematically solves the technical bottleneck of traditional social e-commerce in the global market, and has received enthusiastic attention of CCTV.

Guangzhou, China – As a breakthrough technology, blockchain technology can create a value and trust system for the Internet society in a brand-new way, strengthen the links between various parts of the social economy, promote the integration and mutual assistance of the real economy and the Internet economy, realize technological, organizational and efficiency changes, and make important contributions to the construction of a modern economic system. 

Blockchain Reshapes the Real Economy and ADE Chain Leads Cross-border Social E-commerce to Debut on CCTV 

Blockchain is just a technology that must be implemented in a real industry scenario to give full play to its value. At the 2018 International Digital Economy Expo held in September this year, a large number of cutting-edge applications of blockchain from 24 countries around the world were displayed with the theme of “Digital Economy Leads the Future”, and the global blockchain industry presented a trend of contending. 

Among the many blockchain industries, as the world’s first cross-border social e-commerce chain, the ADE chain has received enthusiastic attention from international mainstream media such as CCTV and People’s Daily. 

In an exclusive interview with CCTV, Ms. Anny Kim, founder of the ADE chain, elaborated on the mature application of the ADE chain to the blockchain, and how the blockchain technology will solve the problems faced by the traditional social e-commerce when it goes global. 

ADE Chain Breaks Through the Limitations of Traditional Social E-commerce and Opens a Trillion-level Global Market 

Traditional social e-commerce faces the following difficulties when it comes to the global market:

Logistics costs of small cross-border transactions are expensive.

It takes a long time for different currencies to be transferred to the account.

Lack of trust in social e-commerce products

Throughout the global social e-commerce market, only ADE global cross-border social e-commerce chain, based on block chain technology, systematically solved the above problems. 

With more than 30 international patents, ADE Chain is the world’s first block chain application to propose a systematic solution for cross-border social e-commerce. 

The ADE chain addresses cross-border social e-commerce challenges:

The ADE chain is built on the intelligent cloud warehouse and physical overseas warehouse mode of the blockchain network, ensuring that the goods are shipped globally within 7-15 days, while the physical goods are only shipped from the nearest overseas warehouse of the end consumers, reducing logistics costs, reduce the burden on both buyers and sellers.

ADE Chain is a trading system based on block chains. Buyers and sellers settle in their own currencies in seconds without a need of a third party to transfer money.

ADE chains make use of the non-tampering characteristics of block chain information to create a full stack information link of manufacturers-brand owners- mall applications-social network to ensure that all commodities circulated in the social network can be traced to the source of authentic products.

After solving the above problems by the ADE chain, social e-commerce really has the strength to go global. 

New Opportunities for Blockchain, ADE Chain Boosts the Development of Real Economy 

With the application of block chain piled up in the virtual economy, ADE cross-border social e-commerce chain is based on cross-border import and export trade, strives to reshape the real economy with block chain technology, promotes the synchronous development of manufacturing, service, transportation and the Internet industries, creates a new global economic environment and changes the global commodity circulation pattern.

At present, ADE chain has achieved mature application on multiple cross-border social e-commerce platforms and completed the layout of China, Cambodia, South Korea, Japan and other countries. In the future, ADE chain will cooperate with more European and American countries to promote the common development of the global real economy. 

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