NEWTONXCHANGE: a reliable digital assets trading platform


“The number of truly registered fans breaks through 100,000 after 100 hours online”. A year ago, this number might be nothing for a slightly large exchange, but after all, that was a period that “everyone can make money once they bought COINS”. But right now, it is necessary for us to concern and explore when an exchange can create such a good performance.


“Newton digital Assets Exchange aims at building a safe, high-efficient, open and transparent digital assets trading environment”. This is the self-introduction of Newton digital Assets Exchange. Now, let’s analyze the public information of Newton step by step.

Safety and high-efficiency are the basic qualities that every exchange should guarantee without a doubt, and they are also the basic needs for users. It is learned that Newton will create a financial security solution with the combination of military hardware and software and non-open source codes, thus to guarantee the safety of cryptocurrency exchanges. From hardware, customize computer hardware, advanced key management technologies, and multiple safety U shields. From software, the cross protection such as multiple file and communication encryption protection and two-factor authentication mechanism will be adopted for operating systems and exchange softwares, instead of open source code, thus to keep hackers out of the operating systems. As for speed, Newton is equipped with a dedicated server, with distributed storage of the whole network. It enables every server center to be super node, guaranteeing the extreme experience of safety and speed. Essentially, it is a distributed, safe and high-efficient database system of the whole network.

By comparison, it is hard to reach “open and transparent”. After all, it is hard to predict the ups and downs of COINS price, and moreover, it involves into the operation costs and revenues. Once users suffer from losses, all exchanges seem unable to prove their innocence in the accuses such as “black box operation” and “cutting chives”. However, Newton shows that all trading records will be open via blockchain technology. The traditional exchanges are restricted by technologies and unable to make the assets open and transparent. While the blockchain technology makes this target technologically feasible. Newton will put this feasibility into practice. Meanwhile, distributed deployment can avoid data safety hazards, multiply authorize management to eliminate insider trading hazards, multi-dimensionally and intelligently monitor abnormal transaction data, thus to fully play risk warning and management.

Although blockchain technology is the underlying technology of digital currency, there is still no exchange applying this distributed and decentralized equity allocation technology into their own platform. It is easy to understand, because exchange itself is a decentralized platform, and it provides matchmaking trading service replying on the information mastered. Undoubtedly, Newton aims at thoroughly breaking through the traditional exchange mode, but after the information and exchange are totally open, is there any necessity and significance for the existence of exchanges? Newton dares to be the pioneer is because of the other side’s strategic layout — the healthy and complete benign trading ecosystem established based on community platform COINS.

When issuing AI Token, Newton also launched ABoss plan. As long as you hold no less than $10,000 of AiToken, you can become ABoss and enjoy share benefit from the platform. Fiat trading area of Newton digital Assets Exchange will return the highest 95% service charge incomes of the previous day in proportion according to grades of Aboss. Besides the generous share benefit, ABoss will gain considerable commission discounts, interests, share bonuses and team bonuses from COINS trading area. In the future, ABoss will be empowered to jointly supervise and manage the exchange, forming an ultimate autonomous blockchain community.

For exchanges, issuing platform COINS and formulating holder award rules are the normal operation modes. While what is noticeable is the plan made by Newton surrounding the extension scenes of community platform COINS. It is understood that Newton will build a COINS trading platform integrated with exchanges, it can not only improve consumption experience, but can also pay with all Token COINS putting away in exchanges, and the products can be sold all over the world. Meanwhile, open merchant payment, dock with the global merchants who support online and offline Token COINS payments, and speed up the historical process of cryptocurrency payment.

From the current disclosed plan, it can be seen that Newton is not just meant to be a simple exchange, for it demands huge costs even just in merchant payment and constructing COINS trading platform. However, in the bear market, what is needed is exactly the determination to make products steadfastly. Perhaps, we can have an expectation to this “ordinary” team, and maybe, it will reward us with a big surprise in the near future.


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