Chemetal USA Specializes in Calcium, Tungsten, Graphite and Molybdenum for Multiple Industries

Deer Park, NY – Oct. 22, 2018 – With the highest melting point of any metal, tungsten is used in a variety of industries and when it’s used with steel, the resulting alloy exhibits greater strength, hardness, durability, and resistance to corrosion. Chemetal USA is providing tungsten, calcium, molybdenum, and graphite products to multiple industries and helping companies expand their network into China.

Chemetal USA provides pure calcium metal, along with alloys around the world that are primarily utilized in the steel industry and in the manufacturing of acid batteries. Using calcium enables the creation of batteries that have a lower self-discharge, resists corrosion, doesn’t use as much water, resists high temperatures, and has no excessive gassing. Pure calcium metal is available at Chemetal USA, along with Ca/Al and Mg/Ca Mater alloys.

The company also provides tungsten, tungsten heavy alloy, and copper tungsten alloy for some of the most demanding applications in the world. It’s used extensively in the aerospace and medical industries. Tungsten is also the metal of choice for construction and metalworking. It’s highly thermal and electrical conductive and has high resistance to heat that makes it ideal for tungsten crucible.

When used in manufacturing, molybdenum has the sixth highest melting point and weldability, making it ideal for specialized steel making, touchscreen technology, and electronic components. It’s used in die forging and rocket nozzles. Chemetal USA offers TZM parts, Mo-La alloy, Mo-W, Mo-Cu, Mo-Nb alloys, and molybdenum foil.

Graphite is utilized for a variety of applications due to its ability to be machined to very specific shapes. Chemetal USA offers high purity molded graphite, isostatic graphite and medium-grain graphite that’s in high demand for furnace components, cathode blocks and high temperature containers such as casting molds and crucibles.

To ensure the highest standards, Chemetal USA has knowledgeable specialists, expert testers for every batch, and export specialists to provide clients with the right product for every need. The company maintains large storage facilities and translation services are available to ensure clear and concise communication.

Chemetal USA is a leader in calcium, tungsten, molybdenum and graphite products in a worldwide marketplace. The company offers fast and accurate service and works to create long-lasting partnerships with every client.

About Chemetal USA

Chemetal USA was established with the goal of providing the easiest and most efficient services to our North American customers in the calcium metal, tungsten, molybdenum and graphite materials business. As a family company, we are proud of our excellent track record of providing trustworthy service and developing long-lasting relationships with all of our clients for over a decade.

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