MonetaryCoin aiming to integrate real world economies into the digital currency space with ICO launch

ERC-20 (EIP-20) complaint digital currency, MonetaryCoin, looking to change the face of cryptocurrency across the globe with the initial coin offering of MonetaryCoin Tokens

MonetaryCoin is an innovation in the digital currency space that is looking to successfully integrate the cryptocurrency with real world economies of different countries across the globe. MonetaryCoin is basically bringing the practice of monetarism into the cryptocurrency and has announced the initial coin offering of the MonetaryCoin token, giving anyone and everyone across the globe an opportunity to be a part of the global revolution.

The digital currency space has widened up in recent times with businesses and instutitions across different industries realizing the huge potential and immense benefits of the concept of cryptocurrency. The blockchain technology-based innovative form of currency has however not been fully utilized in different quarters, which is one of the reasons for the emergence of MonetaryCoin. The digital currency is designed to be an ideal supplement to the existing supply, consequently creating a more efficient system.

Unlike many other digital currencies and initial coin offerings, MonetaryCoin is being launched with a specific purpose as it is designed as a value-added companion to an existing money supply, not an outright replacement to the existing system. This claim is further substantiated with the starting number of coins being capped at not more than 1% of the current M2 per country.

MonetaryCoin is coming as a needed innovation to help the pursuit of an inflation target, which is one of the major aims of most central bankers. Unfortunately, the various rather sophisticated tools employed by these institutions have not been able to effectively address the needs and concerns of these banks.

MonetaryCoin will serve as a simplified alternative to domestic fiat, offering residents the freedom to do away with the short-run decisions of their central bank while retaining money tethered to the long-run progress of the national economy.

MonetaryCoin is already available in MonetaryCoin Euro (MERO) and MonetaryCoin China (MCHI), with a total supply of 112.8 billion MERO and 1.74 trillion MCHI respectively. This will match the total money supply in both countries and allow residents of these countries the freedom to make choices that would not harm the economy.

Some of the features that stand MonetaryCoin out from other digital currencies include connection with GDP of respective national economies for price stability, cost-effective forging of coins for a fairer and more inclusive coins allocation, AML-KYC, and a solid foundation for the maintenance of the system.

More information about the revolutionary MonetrayCoin and how to be a part of the groundbreaking innovation can be found on their website. MonetrayCoin is also available across several social media platforms including Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

About MonetaryCoin

MonetaryCoin is an innovative digital currency developed to usher in a new era into the digital currency space. The cryptocurrency is developed by a team of highly experienced and well-trained experts in the financial and tech industries.

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