Logic Inbound Interviews BAMF Media On Podcast

Yeah, my intention was never to start a business, and I think that’s why it’s live when we did start business. My intention has always been towards just helping founders out, and teach them the best growth-hacks on the Internet, and then it changed to ‘Badass Marketers and Founders’ actually as a joke. I was one of the inventors for Autopilot, which is one of the fastest growing companies, and I was like, “what can make marketers and founders just sound better, right?”

Startups can often fail to come up with effective marketing efforts. A combination of low budget, short experience and time constraints contributes to this. Most of the times startups will execute on marketing strategies built on blueprints of other startups’ marketing efforts, but these strategies often fail to meet expectations.

A new type of marketing called ‘growth hacking’ might be the key to solving many new startups’ marketing woes. BAMF Media is a marketing agency that has spearheaded the idea of growth hacking, and Logic Inbound recently invited the agency’s founders Josh Fechter and Houston Golden for an interview on their podcast.

Marketing for startups can be a challenging task due to the unique constraints involved. Some startups are built on great ideas but often find themselves failing to get traction and momentum because they lack the marketing budgets of larger companies. As a result, they don’t really pose any kind of threat to established competitors (direct or indirect).

Growth hacking is a new form of marketing in which impressive results can be had whilst keeping within a small budget. It’s a tactic which requires creativity and intelligence, and Logic Inbound recently hosted a podcast with founders of the growth hacking agency BAMF Media, Josh Fechter and Houston Golden. This podcast was focused on the origins of BAMF Media, and the topic of growth hacking itself.

Fechter, who considers himself a writer above all, runs a Facebook group which is focused on the subject of growth hacking. The group is quite popular, and has around 18,000 members. Fechter’s regular posts to this group are a big reason why this group grew so quickly. Fecther is of the mindset that information and knowledge should be dispensed, and his regular group posts earned him a lot of trust in the growth hacking community.

This very Facebook group would be the starting point for BAMF Media, as Fecther met Houston Golden through it.

The two shared a passion for growth marketing, and it wasn’t long before they decided to meet up and discuss their talents related to growth hacking, and the unique skills they had to offer. During their discussion their shared interest in growth hacking Google Chrome extensions also came up, which further led them to believe that they could work together. The two decided to name the agency BAMF Media, BAMF being an acronym for Badass Marketers and Founders.

BAMF Media differentiates itself from traditional marketing agencies by executing on high ROI campaigns. These campaigns comprise of various creative tactics, such as growth hacking LinkedIn, coming up with viral content and so on. These creative techniques maximize the budget spend, vastly outperforming pay-per-click ads when it comes to value.

Fechter emphasizes the need for a high performing team when asked how BAMF is able to deliver consistently high ROI results. The agency looks for people who are already experienced in their field, and are looking to solve their own problems. Everyone can point out problems, but only a few are able to take matters in their own hands. Thus, the agency employs self-driven individuals who can solve customer problems without needlessly escalating them to the rest of the team.

The agency works with a variety of clients, but Houston points out ecommerce marketing as being one of his favorites. That’s because ecommerce companies usually have a lot of data about their business, which allows growth hacking firms such as BAMF Media to create better campaigns. Without data, there can be a lot of hit-and-miss involved. Fecther himself is also experienced in dealing with merchant problems, such as optimization of the sales funnel.

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