Euro Energy Celebrates Over 35 Years of Supplying Custom Batteries to Numerous Industries

Leicester, UK – Most people don’t think twice about how the batteries they pick up at the store were made. They are simple, generic, household items that most people use in some way every day. However, some industries require portable sources of power specifically made to fit precise applications. Luckily, for those specialty industries, Euro Energy has perfected the process of custom battery creation throughout the past 30 years in the business.

Euro Energy prides itself on being a leading UK designer and manufacturer of batteries for OEMs or original equipment manufacturers. For those who are curious as to how Euro Energy’s custom design process works, more information can be found here In addition to great products, the company’s longevity can also be attributed to superb customer service and prompt delivery.

In addition to the batteries themselves, Euro Energy also creates battery chargers and battery test equipment. They seek to be the one-stop shop for all things battery-related for industries that cannot simply stop by the local shop to meet their portable power needs. More information about the company as a whole can be found here

One industry that benefits greatly from custom battery packs is the medical industry. Euro Energy seeks to support this industry by being the largest UK supplier of compatible medical battery packs. The medical field needs reliable, powerful energy sources in order to save lives.

Having sufficient batteries can literally be a life or death situation when it comes to the medical field. Being able to bring much-needed medical assistance to remote areas can save countless lives. One of Euro Energy’s newest offerings is a specialized AED battery known as the m5070a: more information can be found about this remarkable device here It is non-rechargeable yet has a four-year lifespan. The device also automatically tests itself periodically to make sure that it is always ready to perform when emergency responders need it most.

Technology is constantly changing, so it has become increasingly difficult for manufacturers to stay relevant over long periods of time. So, any business that can remain profitable after 35 years must be doing something right!

Companies who are able to stand the test of time must always be on their toes looking for the newest developments in their field and acting on them immediately. Euro Energy’s long tenure as the leading UK battery packs manufacturer speaks to the companies dedication to continual improvement and innovation.

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