GoodNoon Reveals New In-depth Cosquare ICO Analysis

• After announcing its ICO ranking, GoodNoon sets the record straight with blockchain-business reviews.

• Cosquare aims to expand its horizons in the online-shopping industry

Brisbane, California – The leader in digital content, GoodNoon, committed to the practices of adding new tools to its website specialized in blockchain, had announced at the beginning of October the launch of its Ranking of ICOs, that would bring a precise list to the market  that gathered the data about the most recent projects within the cryptographic landscape.

As an alternative to other giants of public relations with traditional approaches; In this ranking, investors and crypto-navigators can access information concerning stages of different projects, sale progression, and elements as essential as the token distribution. The GoodNoon goal is to let the community know in advance the utility of their investment potentials.

Recently the peer-to-peer ecosystem Cosquare has been the subject of this, which drew its impressions about the viability of this self-proclaimed “people friendly” solution.

Cosquare’s Solution

Starting its operations the past 2017, Cosquare presented its social marketplace that aims to bring to the fore a novel means of currency based on crypto; designed especially for the online shopping sector, and which intends to compete with the current top tokenized assets. The project founded and led by Duco Hiensch offers a rewards program aimed at participants and capital providers who are interested in the lines of the said niche market.

The Analysis

With an average score of 1.5 based on a scale of 5, the content company explains that Cosquare has a higher level of direct traffic because it is based on a proposal that doesn’t have an effective marketing plan. The domain authority is found with an index of 15/100 concerning other members of the industry and has a rebound level on its website of 60% after an approximate navigation time of 2.5 min. According to GoodNoon’s review, if the ICO is intended to position its CSQ asset and get integrated within the e-commerce and the needs of today’s society, it should upgrade and reinforce these aspects of the business strategy.

On the other hand, the PR company affirms that distributing the resources in representation channels such as Social Media and expert digital publications would directly benefit the universe people-driven by motivating a more robust community shop and also elevating the status of the CSQ token, currently in its Pre-Sale phase.

About GoodNoon

“Our clients have stories to tell, and we know how to put those stories in front of millions of people, building awareness and credibility for their brand. With strategic public relations and target-specific marketing programs, we build enduring relationships with your business and brand, along with the entire value chain. We inspire people to act, resulting in business growth for our clients, we look at each company’s needs, from PR, marketing, and communication perspective, then create programs that are pitch-perfect, capturing the essence of each brand’s mission and personality.” – Roberto Liccardo, Founder and CEO.

Rising Standards

According to Medium’s article 5 Ways Blockchain Can Improve Your Shopping Experience, the transparency of decentralized technologies through crypto-currency could be the answer to the different obstacles faced by both consumers and investors. I.e., as providing access to products with authenticated standards, creating fully trackable supply chains, and improving the overall experience with direct sales between the supplier or the retail figure and the individual consumer.

These data reinforce the course of trends in the industry is in need of innovative tools, which with proper strategies and marketing campaign could boost Cosquare’s potential. Those who want to read more about the analysis can visit GoodNoon’s Web page

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