Based on real events from the Nazi/CIA underground facilities for experimentations, the undead prevails in ‘DEAD SQUAD: TEMPLE OF THE UNDEAD’.

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Dominik Hauser’s directorial debut of DEAD SQUAD: TEMPLE OF THE UNDEAD found success at its USA premiere in Los Angeles on Sunday night, October 21st. On the red carpet was six-foot-eight actress Erika Ervin (as ‘Zombie Queen’), best known for her role as Amazon Eve in American Horror Story: Freak Show. Alongside were stars Carma Sharon (The Forever Fight, 2:22), 2014 nominee for Best Narrative Short, Jonathan Looper (My Only Sun, 2013) and Bianca Zouppas (Our Best Selves).

Photo: From Bianca Zouppas’ Instagram account. Captioned, “
A rough representation of how I felt all day yesterday prior to the World Premiere of @deadsquadmovie last night in #losangeles! Feeling totally humbled by the entire experience and so grateful to be surrounded by a number of incredibly talented and kind humans!” 

Full of zombie blood-splatter, DEAD SQUAD is based on real events from the Nazi/CIA underground facilities for experimentations, which was originally responsible for creating and unleashing zombie hordes to invade the world. After World War II, a secret military program known as “Operation Paperclip” recruited over 1500 former Nazi scientists. Sending them to America to continue their work, the scientists were given new identities, with false employment records and political backgrounds. In 1953, the CIA initiated “Project MK-ULTRA”, which involved using unwilling human-subjects as lab rats, located in secret, faraway places.

But, one cannot be completely certain of what actually did transpire in those isolated and seemingly abandoned concrete facilities hidden by inaccessible landscapes and hushed by forbidden secrets.

Photo: From Kevin Jude Weiler’s Instagram account. Captioned, “Premiere screening of Dead Squad the movie. Starring Erika Ervin (AKA Amazon Eve).”

Hauser’s stylized ‘80s horror-adventure DEAD SQUAD follows the ongoing experiments, rooted in post-World War II, narrating the story of seven friends, who get lost during a river-rafting trip through the tropical jungle. When they stumble upon a long-lost ruin of an ancient temple, the friends discover the ruin is not abandoned, but home to the undead and mysterious monsters. But while trying to escape, the friends face something far more sinister than just zombies.

One of the creature-feature’s producers, Orlando Bassi, provided the DEAD SQUAD with a small film studio in Bali, Indonesia. Movie Studio Bali is located on the edge of the Balinese jungle, setting Ervin and Stevens as tall as ever against the vast tropical forest.  

Accompanied by gratuitous butchery and signature moments of gruesome gore, the filming location sets the stage for the thriving horde of the living dead, threatening a group of young vacationers and creating a reality of ultimate hell, while fighting for survival.

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If your stomach can handle heads being ripped off, a spine being pulled through a headless neck, bones snapping and blood containing in glorious crimson across the dark cavern walls, watch DEAD SQUAD today on VOD platforms (Hoopla, DirecTV, Dish, FlixFling, InDemand, iTunes, XBOX, Sony, Google Play, Fandango, Sling), including Amazon today:

DEAD SQUAD: TEMPLE OF THE UNDEAD stars a talented and large universal cast including Erika Ervin (American Horror Story: Freak Show), Conan Stevens (Game of Thrones, The Hobbit), Carma Sharon (A Very Odd Engagement, 2:22), Alina Carson (Gray Ground, Dating Zoe), Jonathan Looper (Happy Hunting, My Only Sun), Elizabeth Morse (Halfworlds, Left Behind), Ryan Sobolski (17 Minutes), Bianca Zouppas (Our Best Selves), Peer Metze (Million Dollar Arm, Robotropolis Joker Game), Stephen Dixon and Guy Talon.

DEAD SQUAD: TEMPLE OF THE UNDEAD (2018, 90 min.) Directed by: Dominik Hauser. Written by: Dominik Hauser and Nancy Thornhill. Produced by: Dominik Hauser, Christopher Hatton, Orlando Bassi. Edited by: Eva Contis. Original Music: Dominik Hauser. Cinematography: Ariel Salati. USA, English. Black Rice Production, Movie Studio Bali, Six17 Films, TriCoast Worldwide, DarkCoast.

Produced by: Black Rice Production, Movie Studio Bali, Six17 Films.

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Six17 Films: Six17 Films is a production company started by Filmmaker Dominik Hauser. Before taking a seat in the director’s chair, Hauser has a career as a film composer.


Nestled between rice fields and rainforest is Bali’s first and only movie studio. Just an hour from the hustle, and bustle of the Bali’s popular tourist precincts, this idyllic spot has hosted international feature films, TV series and major brand television commercials. The studio is committed to working with local, emerging filmmakers and has provided technical support and equipment to many young Indonesian directors. At an international level, Movie Studio Bali has built collaborative relationships with professional from Australia, Argentina, Europe, New Zealand and the USA. Movie Studio Bali is essentially a one-stop facility offering top-notch infrastructure, great weather and access to some of the world’s most stunning vistas – towering mountains, jungles, beaches, oceans, reefs and desert – coupled with iconic culture.

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