Shower Filter to Remove Water Impurities, Promote Healthier Skin and Hair, Now Available on Amazon

How safe is the water that flows through the shower heads? What if we could clean it up of chlorine, mercury, iron and other impurities, making it softer, healthier and more refreshing. That’s the promise of the new Shower Filter launched by Impactful Health, now available from Amazon.

A refreshing shower is the magical trick that gives us loads of energy every morning. The new Shower Head is a high pressure filter that softens the hard water, alkalizes it, and removes impurities, and releases negative ions. The Shower Filter is compatible with handheld and universal shower heads, and is meant for both hot and cold water. 

The product comprises specially designed filtering materials and ceramic stone balls, along with infra-red rays that reduce hair loss and improve metabolism and blood pressure. Chemicals that are removed include chloramine, sulfur, fluoride, iron and mercury. The water coming out of the filter goes through a 15-stage filtration process. The safe inner coating stays always intact and does not dissolve into water. Heavy metals are removed by KDF-55, coconut carbon, nutshell charcoal and calcium sulfite.

Better skin and hair health can be achieved by simply filtering the shower water using this special filter. No more eczema, skin irritations, dry skin, dandruff or itching. The Shower Filter by Impactful Health cares for the skin, and does not allow harmful chemicals that tend to get absorbed into the body without our knowledge. The installation is easy in just four steps, and the product easily fits into all shower heads and hand-held showers.

Impactful Health Shower Filter comes with life-long replacement cartridge scheme. The product is shipped with two cartridges (each lasting six months), and includes a bonus additional cartridge, and a free e-book on how to keep the skin looking young, and tips to prolong the lifespan of cartridges.

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