Endotoxin Free Therapeutic Antibodies from Creative Biolabs Are Ready for Use in Animal-based Assays

Creative Biolabs, a pioneer and undisputed global leader in the field of antibodies, recently claimed that its endotoxin free therapeutic antibodies are available for use in animal-based assays.

New York, US Oct 20, 2018 Creative Biolabs, a pioneer and undisputed global leader in the field of antibodies, recently claimed that its endotoxin free therapeutic antibodies are available for use in animal-based assays.

The market for therapeutic antibodies has been growing rapidly from the 21st century. In 2007, up to eight of the 20 best-selling biotechnology drugs in the U.S are therapeutic monoclonal antibodies. This rapid growth in demand for monoclonal antibodies has driven the industrialization of mAb manufacturing. The therapeutic antibodies from Creative Biolabs are certain to greatly contribute to the research and treatment of tough diseases.

Therapeutic antibodies are monoclonal antibodies(mAbs) that are developed to attack specific cells or proteins for the treatment of a wide variety of diseases, including immune disorders, cancers, and infections. Over the past decade, the development of therapeutic antibodies has attracted the attention of an increasing number of scientists both in academia and industry. In current biosimilar competition, such antibodies are characterized by five major advantages, namely, high-affinity, high specificity and low off-target activity, low or non immunogenic, long-term benefit with short-term therapy, as well as endotoxin free.

“Nowadays, Creative Biolabs is able to produce a large quantity of therapeutic antibodies that have already been applicable for research and development of many diseases. Our generated antibodies are not only endotoxin free but also fully functional to be adopted for research in animal-based assays,” said a scientist from Creative Biolabs.

When it comes to the therapeutic antibody development, this scientist from Creative Biolabs expressed optimistic views that, “More new therapeutic antibodies are needed because organisms treated with some therapeutic antibody may develop the corresponding anti-therapeutic antibody. Therefore, the therapeutic antibody development has entered a fast-growing phase and its great potential and unprecedented success have won the recognition of society.”

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As a leader in recombinant antibody discovery and manufacturing, Creative Biolabs produces the most comprehensive list of recombinant antibody products and services at favourable price for its international customers. Our products range from antibody/peptide libraries, Biosimilar cell lines to engineered antibodies such as therapeutic antibodies. Our custom antibody discovery and engineering services features phage display library construction, antibody humanization, membrane protein production and cGMP-manufacturing and so on.

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