More Positive Yelp Customer Reviews for Kasbah Kosher Restaurant in NY’s Upper West Side

Kasbah Kosher Restaurant continues to delight more customers with its delicious specialties and diverse selection of dishes featuring the best in Middle Eastern cuisine as well as sushi rolls, steaks, ribs, grilled chicken, and a lot more. Customers on Yelp couldn’t agree more as positive reviews for the restaurant keep rollong in.

UNITED STATES, 2018 – Kasbah Kosher Restaurant has gained a reputation as one of the best and most delicious Kosher restaurants in the city, and for good reason. Not only does it serve food properly prepared in the Kosher way, but it also serves food that is delicious, flavorful, and truly satisfying.

Both Jewish and non-Jewish diners alike have enjoyed the specialties of Kasbah Kosher Restaurant for years, and its varied selection is sure to delight anyone’s palate: from sushi to chicken wings to fish and vegetarian rolls to grilled meats, gourmet wraps, and deli sandwiches, Kasbah Kosher Restaurant has it all – and at excellent prices to boot.

But would-be customers who are looking for the best Kosher restaurant in NYC who want to know what other customers have to say can now be more informed with Yelp customer reviews for this Kosher restaurant. The restaurant’s continuing popularity has allowed it to gain more aficionados who are more than willing to share their experiences on Yelp as well.

Diana C., from Manhattan, has this to say: “The food is always grilled nicely and flavored tastefully. Portions are large. I had half chicken with green beans and mashed potatoes as well as boneless chicken tenders. I have enough for a second meal, for sure! Price (might) seem high, but decent for the portion size. Kosher friendly.”

Another customer, Marquise B., from Frederick, Maryland, states, “Wonderful service and the food was delightful. One of the best steak wraps I have had in New York. The ambiance was also nice.”

But Zohara S., from Manhattan, has perhaps the best review of all: “I visited Deli Kasbah recently, my experience was excellent. I ordered the chicken avocado wrap with a side of rice; the wrap was delicious and juicy. I also ordered a salmon avocado tempura roll, it was very tasty. The service is excellent, the food was served quickly. The dessert was also delicious, I ordered a pecan pie with vanilla ice cream on top. I would definitely recommend Deli Kasbah as an excellent restaurant with great service and a great menu.”

About the company: Kasbah Kosher Restaurant has gained a lot of praise in recent years for its tasty food, its excellent customer service, its warm, cosy ambiance, and its memorable specialties. For those who are looking for brilliant and affordable Kosher restaurants in NYC, visit the restaurant’s website.

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