Modern Living with kathy ireland® Discusses Healthy, Clean Energy Drinks with UNIQUE INC.

Los Angeles, CA – October 23, 2018 — Modern Living with kathy ireland® is pleased to announce an exclusive interview with Chris and Denise Cook of UNIQUE, Inc. to discuss their clean and healthy energy drinks.

The first fully functional, health-conscious, and flavor-conscious premium brand energy drink. A healthy energy blend, free from toxic chemicals like Taurine, Burana, Niacin and Yohimbe.

 “We were experimenting for my personal benefit and I began to talk to friends and family,” says Chris. “It slowly evolved into an idea of a health-conscious energy drink. We wanted something people would consume because they enjoyed the experience.”

Unique has been shown to lower blood pressure, cholesterol, improve insomnia, help with the liver, and has reduced cancer cells for some people,” says Dana.  ‘You are alert and awake with no negative side effects.”

Unique Energy Drinks are infused with premium, natural ingredients include red Reishi mushrooms, green tea and B-vitamins. The company offers three product lines: original flavor, sweetened with real cane sugar, and sugar-free, which is low-calorie and slightly carbonated.

“A number of people typically shy away from energy drinks because of the taste and the notion that they are unhealthy,” says J.L. Haber, Vice President of Programming for Modern Living. “With a new, healthy option on the table that doesn’t have the toxins or the bad taste, this sets a new standard in energy drinks and consumption.”

 For more information about UNIQUE, Inc., visit and tune in to WE tv as sponsored content on Thursday, October 25, 2018 at 7:30am EST.

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