Commonwealth of Virginia – October 24, 2018 – Drone Delivery Systems and Astral Airlines are honored to announce the establishment of an exciting partnership that will fundamentally revolutionize the way small packages and medication are delivered in Kenya.

With the use of Drone Delivery Systems Airbox technology, the project will allow medications to be delivered in a cost-effective and reliable fashion. This crucial project will ensure faster deliveries that will resolve the difficulties of delivery in case of emergency and medical deliveries for hospitals.

With the use of Drone Delivery Systems and the precision landing kit, now every delivery drone can have the ability to deliver an Airbox.

According to Mr. Sanjeev Gadhia, C.E.O of Astral Aviation, this project is of exceptional significance as it will ultimately reform the delivery method in the country.

“The absence of a physical address system has seen a majority of Kenyan citizens lacking a physical address to their respective homes, workplaces, and other institutions. Using the Airbox, coupled with UAVs will ensure that goods are delivered directly to your doorstep.” added Mr. Sanjeev Gadhia.

This new method of Drone Delivery will provide many companies the ability to reach parts of the country that other methods of transport would find challenging due to the poor infrastructure. Drone Delivery Systems is driven to revolutionize the parcel delivery industry in Kenya and resolve the last- mile delivery difficulties with its innovative AirBox system. AirBox is the first real IOT smart mailbox system made with real IOT AirBox Technology-centered around the Internet of Things ESP32 technology.

AirBox is an autonomous solar-powered smart drone mailbox and it is first of its kind. It guarantees secured delivery from autonomous drones to the end-user. The AirBox smart drone mailbox system is adaptable to extend drone delivery services in order to provide distribution for medical & pharmaceutical purposes. As this unprecedented smart drone mailbox is powered by solar panels, the system will perpetually receive constant power while remaining completely environmentally friendly.

This partnership offers a solution to the challenges of delivery outside of the regular business hours. It will also eliminate the high-cost re-delivery attempts which are a huge concern for the couriers. “We are looking ahead to a future where our UAV deliveries and secure Airbox drops will open up economies (especially in remote and hard to reach places) through e-commerce. We believe in it, and would like to demonstrate it to the rest of Kenya”, added Mr. Sanjeev Gadhia.

About Drone Delivery Systems:

This innovative partnership is set to bring a vital solution to the problems of the Kenyan delivery industry. It will significantly upgrade the whole delivery service through an extremely fast, environmentally friendly and super reliable method that will decrease the costs of delivery. This project will absolutely bring positive changes and brighter views on the Kenyan horizon.

AirBox is the world’s first IOT smart drone mailbox system made with the Internet of Things ESP32 technology.

About Astral Aerial Solutions:

Astral Aerial Solutions is a subsidiary Astral Aviation, which is a cargo airline with a footprint in East Africa, with a network of branches reaching several important cities in the world.

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