U.S.A Warrior Tribe is a mysterious low-key community

U.S.A. Warrior Tribe was founded in 2011 and is sponsored by senior strategist Michael Bart. It is composed of social elites from all walks of life and nearly 200 community members from all over the world. The community is rich in strategic resources, and its main members include the backbone members of major Internet IT giants (Former Microsoft engineer, Google Technical Director, Amazon Founder Team Member, etc.),Internet Technologies Geeks, Bain Consulting Senior Strategic Consultant and McKinsey Top Architecture Designer, Excellent Venture Capitalists, Financial Experts, Sociology Experts, Economics Experts etc. Its members are mainly distributed in the United States, Europe, Singapore, Russia, Sweden, China, Japan, South Korea and other countries.


Warrior Tribe orientation: The community focuses on strategic investment planning of high new-tech industry, Internet projects, block chain project, is good at capital operation, fund management, packaging listing, market value management, strategic management. Its investment strategy is unique, with its own unique vision. It has clear investment logic and rigorous demonstration, scientifically plans project schedule and strictly implements it, in the industry is very low-key and known by a small number of top investors.

Warrior Tribe has two main strategic branches, WT capital and WT fund. WT capital’s key investment direction: 1, Block chain industry strategic investment; 2, Strategic planning and operation; 3, Large data analysis technology research and development investment; 4: Circulation ecological project investment planning; WT fund involves areas: 1, Digital assets long-term investment; 2, Index fund; 3, High-frequency arbitrage;

Warrior Tribe’s record in the block chain industry: Since established in 2011, Warrior Tribe’s historic performance has been remarkable with its community’s outstanding investment professionals, pragmatic approach and unique investment philosophy. Since its establishment in 2011, those projects which it participated in investing in of BTC, LTC, XRP etc. have an average 4-year return of more than 300% . From the appearance of ETH in 2014 to the beginning of ETH fundraising, the large-scale investment in BTC and ETH mines in 2016 and made a profit exceeding 100 times in less than one year. Then the private placement of EOS, NEO and many high-quality projects, as well as the moving brick arbitrage in the end of 2017. Its average annual return in the last three years exceeded 100 times, the total value of digital assets peaked at $18 billion. By June 2018, the capital value of community members has exceeded $10 billion.

Block chains represent projects: BTC, XRP, LTC, ETH, NEO, EOS, BCH, DASH… etc.

The projects currently being developed by Warrior Tribe are also excellent projects in the field of block chain. Projects in the pipeline: 3A public chain, BFM, Block Ecology,ADE A De chain, FMC media chain… etc.

Warrior Tribe Vision: Block chains reconstructs a better world. Warrior Tribe is using its strong resource advantages to actively promote the growth and development of global block chains ecology. The technological revolution of block chain is developing vigorously and changing people’s way of life and thinking. As a subversive frontier of innovation and technology, the development of block chain technology is not a plunder and invasion to the Internet industry, but an opportunity and inflection point . At this moment, concentrating on research and development, long-term layout and seizing the first opportunity is the things the community must do. Block chain as a technology must take actual application as its goals. Being able to apply to real scenes is the criterion to distinguish the quality of block chain projects. Deepening the technology of block chain to the real scene is the direction of them for jointly efforts. Warrior Tribe will definitely contribute its most strength to the promotion and implementation of the real application of the block chaining technology.

In the future, Warrior Tribe will in-depth lay out the new economic model, block chain infrastructure investment and block chain circulation DAPP strategic investment and planning, in order to building an ecological platform in the whole field of block chain and Make a historic contribution to the upgrading of the world’s new business system model.

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