Tailtale’s New Kickstarter Campaign Launching Soon to Understand Dog’s Behaviour

All dog owners are aware of the special bond they have with their dog, but a new wearable dog tech called TailTale, who are launching a Kickstarter campaign on the 23rd October will take this a step further.  Starting at just £99 the device enables owners to discover more about how their dog feels, their likes and dislikes and why they behave in certain ways and how they view the world.

The TailTale device utilises the latest technology to monitor a dog’s heart rate, temperature and activity level, and is also equipped with a GPS tracker and a detachable camera. The information gained from these features are compiled and sent straight to a smart phone for owners to view. In addition, there is also a TailTale mobile app, which connects dog owners with a dog-friendly dedicated social space for pet lovers to share to share their tail’s tales/ to share their dogs’ stories.

For each of TailTale’s features, an alert can be set to notify the owner; if the dog is too hot, an overheat prevention alert will be sent as well as if the heart rate spikes too high. Owners can also set GPS perimeter boundaries around an area triggers a notification alert if their dog crosses.

Stanley Wu, Founder of TailTale said: “I was aware of the bond between dogs and their owners from a very early age, when my dog that I was inseparable from went missing when I was 4 years old. It was this and the fact that I really missed my family dogs when I left home to go to university that inspired me to develop the first prototype of TailTale as I was curious to know where they were and what they were feeling.

For more information about TailTale and the crowdfunding campaign visit www.tailtale.co.uk/kickstarter

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