Ann Gray, Owner of Esther Destiny’s Jewelry awarded “Best Apparel of 2018” & “Best Wedding Jewelry Retailer”

KANSAS CITY, MO – October 24, 2018 – Ann Gray, Founder, Owner, CEO and Design Director of Esther Destiny’s Jewelry was awarded “Best Apparel of 2018” by Global Business Insights. Esther Destiny’s Jewelry was also awarded “Best Wedding jewelry Retailer-Missouri, USA” by Lux Life Magazine. This is the second year that she has received this prestigious award from Lux Life Magazine and last year the Magazine did a Feature Cover Story on her business which can be found here.

Ann built Esther Destiny’s Jewelry from her bed because she was so seriously ill for nine years with diseases of which there were no cure. Doctors gave her no hope. In January 2016, at a Women’s Conference at World Revival Church in Kansas City, Ann received a true “present day miracle” and was completely healed of the diseases. From that moment on, she was able to stop all the heavy opioid narcotics and her life was restored. Her business has taken off and now, she is receiving these Awards.

“Although it seemed hopeless and as if I was going to remain bed-ridden and dependent on others the remainder of my life, I knew the promises from the Bible. In the Bible Jesus said that His Father would give justice to His children who cried out day and night so that is what I did. I prayed continually and I attend a Church where the Presence of God is tangible and miracles happen on a regular basis. God heard my cries and in a sudden moment, I was healed and my life restored,” says Ann.

Shortly after Ann began the Jewelry business in 2006, she became very ill. Living in excruciating, constant pain all over her body, she was unable to go anywhere or do anything. Doctors had her on the same medications that they give cancer patients. But she refused to just sit, Ann worked, albeit very slowly, to build not only Esther Destiny’s Jewelry but also a Social Media Consulting Company, Ann Gray Consulting. She didn’t accomplish much but she studied continually which gave her an upper hand when she was healed and could actually begin to pour herself into her work.

Lux Int’l Magazine, registered in England and Wales is distributed to over 170 countries. Their monthly magazine gives a glamorous glimpse into the world of all things luxurious. They cover all aspects of high end lifestyle, including the finest, food and drink, hotels and resorts, health and beauty, automotive, jewelry, art and technology.

Global Business Insight is a knowledge sharing platform committed to sharing the latest business news, financial analysis and sector developments from across the globe.

“I never imagined that I would be honored in this way. I still do not know who nominated me for these awards. It is just a constant reminder to me how good God can be. He brought me from a state of complete despair to one of victory,” says Ann.

About Esther Destiny’s Jewelry

Ann has owned Esther Destiny’s Jewelry for over a decade, previously Ann’s Jewelry Collection. The name was changed when Articles were written about her jewelry in London and Norway. She needed a name that wasn’t very common thus the name Esther Destiny’s Jewelry was born.

Esther Destiny’s Jewelry is eco-friendly, uses natural stones and is handcrafted specifically by Ann using silversmith techniques. Each piece is one of a kind designed to be specifically unique for the wearer’s personality. Ann is known for her ethereal wire wrapped jewelry and more recently her filigree style silversmith jewelry all over the world. Her jewelry ranges from Victorian vintage to current edgy eclectic styles.

Here are what some customers are saying about Ann:

“I have purchased several of these necklaces and earrings. They are my treasured pieces. Beautifully handcrafted and “one of a kind” pieces. I’m proud to have them in my collection. But also to know this wonderful artist personally is a greater gift!” – Tami K.

“Beautiful and creative, you won’t see everybody wearing anything like what you’re wearing. The artist is passionate about her work and satisfying her clients wishes. She is always looking forward. You will love everything she creates for you.” – Barbara M.

Esther Destiny’s Jewelry is Sustainable Fashion and contributes 20% of their earnings back to the community supporting World Revival Church, Kids Ablaze TV Show (38 The Spot), Citi-Union Mission (Homeless Shelter), Steve and Kathy TV Show (Israel TV), and to Missionaries to all parts of the world.

Esther Destiny’s Jewelry is rated A+ with the Better Business Bureau.

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