KF Terminal Announces a Large Selection of Terminal Blocks & Connector Assembly Products for Electronics Manufacturing Industry

Founded in 1990, KEFA Terminal Electornics LTD (KF terminal) has been engaged in the manufacturing of terminal blocks, connector assembly and wiring harness processing products and maintains a huge stock of these electronic components with a variety of specifications.

In electronic items, in order to connect various electrical components and secure wires, there are different types of products required, such as a terminal block. A terminal block is used to establish wire to wire connections without using any plug. It can also be useful for making wire to board connections. KEFA Terminal Electornics LTD (KF terminal) specializes in manufacturing terminal blocks that feature multiple connection technologies and can be used for securing wires and connections in all types of electronic products.

KF Terminal Announces a Large Selection of Terminal Blocks & Connector Assembly Products for Electronics Manufacturing Industry

According to the spokesperson of the company, they have a wide terminal block range with products with different specifications. The terminal block can operate on a large temperature range and can also suitable for the extreme temperature conditions. They provide the complete datasheet for customers to check the specifications of the products before making any decision. The product is designed for establishing a quick connection and is suitable for a variety of applications. The spokesperson states that the terminal can be freely combined and can also be used in the electrical power distribution systems. Thus, KEFA Terminal provides a safer and economical way of distributing power, starting from one source to multiple terminals. The company uses high quality aluminum alloy and uses the latest technology in manufacturing each terminal block they have in their stock.

The company also manufactures different types of connector assemblies, including EL strip connector, TJC2 strip connector, 5500-5600 strip connector, VH strip connector, and others. From a wide range of specifications, one can choose a connector assembly for their project. These connector assemblies come with screw clamps and wire protectors for an improved performance and stability. The spokesperson states that these connectors allow a secure connection of one cable with the other. With a sufficient insulation, the connectors avoid any kind of leakage and maintain the safety of the product where they are used. With a 250V AC/DC voltage rating, these connectors can keep working undamaged on a large temperature range.

The electronics manufacturing industry can also rely on KF Terminal for its improved quality harness processing it manufactures. They can produce high quality wire harnessing products with UL cables and according to the customer’s chosen design. The company designs custom-made prototypes and provide the accompanying document for a customer to get the best harnessing product as per their design request. They use high quality cables and attach long lasting crimp terminals to ensure the durability of the wire harness.

To learn more about these products and their specifications, one can visit the company’s website http://www.kfterminal.com.

About KEFA Terminal Electornics LTD (KF terminal)

Founded in 1990, KF terminal is a manufacturer of electronic components, including terminal blocks, connectors, wire harnesses and precision moulds. The company focuses on new product development and specializes in the mass production of quality products, approved by CE, TUV, ROHS, CQC, CB, UL and VDE.

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