German Liectroux Intelligent Teaching Robot – Let Children Fall In Love With All-Round Tutor

Children’s academic problems are the top priority of parents all the time. Every parent is hoping his son and girl will have a bright future. Many parents want to improve their children’s academic performance and create a better learning environment for their children. So they are willing to pay a lot of money to ask for various tutors, buy a variety of teaching materials and electronic equipments and even buy a school district in debt, choose a famous school. Children are learning under high-pressure environment and their academic performance often going through backsliding instead of improving. Moreover, due to excessive learning pressure, children appear to have various rebellious psychology and phenomenon like truancy and school-weary psychology

How can you make your children fall in love with learning and develop interest on learning? In fact, it is not difficult for children to fall in love with learning. Recently, the highly acclaimed German liectroux intelligent teaching robot can easily let children fall in love with learning.

German Liectroux Intelligent Teaching Robot - Let Children Fall In Love With All-Round Tutor

German Liectroux intelligent teaching robot is developed by German Liectroux Robotics Institute. It has combined the experience of many senior education experts, juvenile psychologist psychologists and software development experts. It is an tailor-made intelligent educational robot for children’s learning which combines with current cutting-edge teaching concepts and contemporary advanced intelligent science and technology.

Children can not finish their homework? Don’t worry, this intelligent teaching robot possesses a wealth of knowledge and can meet the learning needs of children aged from 3-18. It covers all the knowledge points and difficulties of elementary school to high school. According to  different stages of children’s learning, the teaching materials are updated simultaneously and special teaching plans are developed for children. And it can achieve fast reply, intelligent voice response, intelligent teaching, intelligent communication, which is effective and fast. It will patiently teach children about the problem-solving ideas and problem-solving methods rather than just providing answers so it can fundamentally solve the problem of children’s learning.

Children are not interested in learning? The intelligent teaching robot is dedicated to endowing pleasure to teaching. It possesses rich online resources such as puzzle games, massive music, video teaching, knowledge encyclopedia, etc. In addition to its human-computer interaction mode, the robot can fully satisfy children’s needs and let the children play while learning. It can well stimulate children’s interest in learning and make learning less boring.

German Liectroux Robotics Institute is committed to bring people into the era of smart homes and improving people’s quality of life through various types of intelligent robots. In addition to intelligent teaching robots, smart clothing decontamination robots, high-intelligence accompanying robots and other intelligent robots. It also developed robot  robot vacuum cleaner. (You can view the website: or The robot vacuum cleaner developed by German Liectroux Robotics Institute adopts wireless carrier indoor positioning system to locate the home environment in real time, thereby achieving all-round cleaning and completely eliminating various clean corners. Secondly, it can integrate the sucking and dragging. And it can solve the problem of mopping the floor while absorbing dust. Its large water tank capacity enables the machine to continuously supply water for 90 minutes. In addition, it is equipped with a floating V-roller that can gather dust efficiently. It can well handle the dust and garbage of dead spaces like floor seams. This robot vacuum cleaner has gained wide love of consumers.

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