Daniel E. Darquea-Bossano’s ‘The Rebellion of the Shadows’ Comes to Kickstarter

Sci-fi book will be the first in a trilogy of books set in parallel realities

Independent author Daniel E. Darquea-Bossano recently announced the launch of a Kickstarter campaign designed to raise capital and awareness for his new book, ‘The Rebellion of the Shadows.’

The new book will be the first in a trilogy.

In ‘The Rebellion of the Shadows,’ the setting begins in a parallel reality of the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia featuring France vs. Croatia. At the commencement of the game, a dark intruder appears in the center of the field. The intruder uses powers to capture all of the people in the stadium and flash a warning of The Rebellion of the Shadows. The very next day, oil wells and mines around the world are taken by the Shadows, and millions of people vanish.


The next move is for corporations, mafias, and people from all backgrounds to unify as The Earth Armed Forces to fight back against the Shadows, unleashing a battle between the forces of good and evil.

‘The Rebellion of the Shadows’ is slated to be followed by two more installments, ‘The Rise of the Shadows’ and ‘The War of the Shadows.’


Currently, Darquea-Bossano’s Kickstarter campaign aims to raise $6000 to go toward illustrations, A/V production, and marketing. A team of professionals has been assembled to move forward in finalizing various areas of the book’s creation and publication.

Pledgers will receive perks such as black and white digital copies of the book, digital full-color prints, sketchbooks, wallpapers, custom character portraits of the pledgers, pledgers’ names used in the next book, and even pledgers as main characters in the upcoming books.

Full details can be found at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/rebellionoftheshadow/the-rebellion-of-the-shadows?ref=859vqs

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