Alcan Dental Group in Anchorage is Now Offering IV Sedation for Those Who are Nervous About Seeing the Dentist

Anchorage, AK – For good dental health, experts recommend meeting a local dentist at least twice per year. However, due to the pain and suffering associated with the dental system, many individuals get scared and nervous about seeing their dentist. Alcan Dental Group offers sedation dentistry, an IV sedation to deal with the nervousness experienced by many individuals who have dentist phobia.

Alcan Dental Group is a premier dental firm that has been serving the greater Anchorage area since 1992. For the past two decades, they have built a reputation for excellence in serving both local and visiting residents through their dental services. They offer family dentistry which includes taking care of the dental needs of the entire family, and ensuring that each member of the family has good oral health.

Alcan Dental Group belongs to the American Dental Association as well as the BBB. Over the years of serving residents in the community, they have provided first class dental services to many patients with remarkable results. Their goal is to erode the erroneous conception that dentistry is full of stress and pain. Therefore, they focus on making their dental treatments as stress-free and as pain-free as possible.

As part of doing this, the dental firm decided that if they want to meet the needs of many individuals in Anchorage and provide the best dental care, they have to be able to provide a solution to individuals who are gripped with dental phobia. Therefore, they decided to offer sedation dentistry to help patients who are nervous about seeing the dentist.

“Intravenous (IV) sedation involves an anti-anxiety drug being injected into the bloodstream using a thin needle. The onset of IV sedation is very quick and drug dosages can be tailored to the individual’s requirements. Furthermore, the level of sedation that is able to be reached is deeper than if it is achieved through the use of inhalation and oral sedation. Following the use of IV sedation, the patient remains in a conscious state and will be able to respond to the requests of the dentist. This form of sedation produces a deep state of relaxation and puts the patient completely at ease all throughout the process.”

Apart from IV Sedation, Alcan Dental Group also offers Oral Sedation (Pill) and “Laughing Gas” as a means of helping patients with dental phobia. They provide general dental treatment services for all types of areas including chipped tooth repair, teeth whitening, custom dentures, cosmetic veneers, dental crowns, teeth bleaching, tooth extractions, dental implants, and many more.  They offer Complimentary Cosmetic Dentistry Consultation to look at the needs of each individual patient.

Alcan Dental Group is located at 2819 Dawson St, Anchorage, AK 99503. Contact the dental clinic to schedule an appointment via phone at (907) 562-4774, or via email at For additional information, visit their website at

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