The rise of Software Development Companies: a growth of Outsourcing Software Development Industry

In the era of technological advancement affects every aspect of life, especially the development of the business. Any business that goes ahead with the development of technology, will gain advantages. However, not every company has the strength in technology, leading to increased demand for outsourcing software production to software development companies.

The demand for custom software development is growing

The last two decades have seen a globally dramatic growth in the software development industry. In 2018, Gartner report says that expenditure in the global information technology market is forecast at 3,740 billion U.S. dollars, while IT services, the second largest segment behind communications services, is set to reach 1,003 billion U.S. dollars. According to Orbis Research, the global software market is anticipated to exceed $ 500 billion by 2022.

European and North American countries have been considered the leaders in this sector for years. Meanwhile, the Asia Pacific market is expected to achieve explosive growth due to the significant increase in technology startups and SMEs. In the early 2010s, some of the developing countries in Asia such as India, China, the Philippines, Malaysia and Thailand successfully developed their own outsourcing software development industries. These are ideal destinations for overseas clients to outsource services owed to a low cost and high quality.

The rise of software exporters in developing countries

10 years ago, while India and China had been known as the world’s leading software exporters, Vietnam software outsourcing companies only set foot in this industry for the first time. However, the game has changed for the past few years. It is believed that Vietnam will become the next giant in software outsourcing development, which may be a great threat to India’s software firms.

According to Vietnam Software and IT Services Association (VINASA), Vietnam’s export markets have maintained an annual growth rate of 20-35% over the past decade. The two biggest cities of Vietnam, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, are named in Tholons’s Top 20 Global Services Cities in 2009 – 2016. Hanoi, where thousands of outsourcing firms are located, it is an ideal place where clients from all over the world can find an IT outsourcing partner to support their business development.

Based in Hanoi, Savvycom is a highly-experienced and forward-thinking offshore software development company which has been serving over 100 clients from Europe, the US, Australia, Singapore, Japan since 2009. Savvycom always strives to be a trustable software provider with successful projects in numerous industries including IT, Healthcare, Education, Finance, Retail/E-commerce and more. The agile software development methodology is fully applied to the software production process at Savvycom, to ensure high quality with project scalability.

Some of the projects carried out by Savvycom that can be mentioned are Jio Health – a breakthrough all-in-one place for a better managed, more engaged and instant access health care service, Helo – the newest live streaming app allows you to stream your talents, tips, advice, points of view or anything you find around on the go, iHeartLocal – ranked at no.1 in the CES Mobile App Showdown 2016 and as one of the top trustworthy referral networks in the US and European countries.

In the Industry 4.0 era, it is a challenge for many companies to keep up with the fast-paced developments in the software and technology industry. Savvycom is no exception. At the beginning of 2018, Savvycom took a breakthrough in the race to ‘Industry 4.0’ with their AI Lab, which specializes in the research and development of Artificial Intelligence applied in software development processes.

Using deep learning/AI/machine learning, the company’s team of software developers provides a hands-on level of service from the beginning to the end of a project. They are always ready to connect their clients to the capable hands of high-quality app and software designers, developers and testers. Besides custom web and app development, the company also provides retail solutions using facial recognition and image recognition technologies. In 2018, Savvycom runs a project on Heatmap with one of the top-notch fashion brands in Vietnam, which helps the

brand grow 10% of its own revenue. Not only does Savvycom support their clients but they also bring the best everyday experience to the staff. A Deep Learning application, indoor facial check-in system was built to ease the check-in process and bring convenience to all Savvycom employees. The system is 5 times faster than conventional check-in system

Savvycom is renowned to bring it’s ‘A-game’ when it comes to offshore services, delivering excellent results in bringing a business to the next level but without losing control over their finances and business strategy.

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