Pharmaceutical Serialization Software Benefiting Both Companies and Consumers

Concerns that the Drug Quality and Security Act (DQSA) had on the quality of drugs being sold in the market lead to the implementation of track pharmaceuticals as they made their way from the manufacturer to the pharmacy. Pharmaceutical companies had no option than to oblige to the new rule. There was more into doing this than the serialization of the regulation. The pharmaceutical companies have a lot to gain from the adoption of the serialization system as discussed in this page.


By making use of the system serialization can prove a product genuineness. Thus, this means manufacturers can be able to detect and deal with counterfeit products quickly. The system allows the company to be able to protect their company and the brand. Having fake in the market without a way of detecting if they are ideal can turn out to be risky, and this can, in turn, give the company a bad reputation.

Coordination in the Supply Chain

With the Serialization of Prescription Drugs in the US: the companies can get detail on the product as it moves through the supply chain. The critical point is that the supply chain visibility can aid the company to be able to control the inventory and cost on costs. Those who are doing the manufacturing can also be able to see the impact of the disruption of the supply chain. At each time, they can be able to tell where the products are and if they have reached the step destination. In case of any issue, it will be easy to solve.

Easy Recall Process

With software like the rfxcel, manufactures will have an easy time with the recall process. They can be able to do more accurate recalls by finding locations that have been able to receive the product. They will be able to contact each of the areas to find out if the goods have arrived.

Revenue Growth

Some manufacturers think that dealing with the software is a costly venture, but this is not the case. The fact is that the system will reduce the counterfeit activities a great deal. If this happens, then there will be growth in revenue as there will be little or no fake products in the market. If this is the case, the company is the one who will be doing the distribution and making money.


Each of this software has been made in a way that they can be able to be customized to meet with the needs of the clients. They have a defined plan that will be able to bet suite the specification and the budget of the clients. Thus, all you have to do is to choose a system that works for you and one which will offer you results.

When making the selection of the software to use, you need to get the one which has deep understating of the global laws and regulations which will be used by many organizations up to date with the rules and regulation behind the system. The purpose of the statutes is to lessen the proliferation of the counterfeit products and end up increasing the product quality.

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