Ghost Beverage Announces New Ghost Bottling Plant in Nassau, Bahamas

Ghost is a Unique Wellness Brand that seeks to bring a better quality to life.
Backed by leading ex-beverage and entertainment executives, Ghost Beverage produces wellness products to aid consumers in everyday life.

LOS ANGELES, California – October 25, 2018 – Ghost Beverage, Inc. acquires a 30,000 square foot bottling facility in Nassau, Bahamas, which sits on 6 acres for additional expansion.

The facility is equipped to produce all beverage suites, including alcohol, coffee, water, soda, tea, lemonade, and energy drinks. The plant is enabled to manufacture not only PET bottles, but also glass bottles and aluminum cans. This facility is vertically integrated as a manufacturer, wholesale/distributor, retailer and exporter, thus capitalizing on incremental profits at every level. The bottling plant is one of only two beverage manufacturing facilities on the island, the other being owned by Coca-Cola. With Ghost’s new capability, they will begin production on G-TEA, their CBD infused Moonshine Tea line. Ghost’s products and presence will not only benefit the current economic ecosystem with a wide array of plans to contribute to their tourism and entertainment offerings through their music (Ghost Music Entertainment and My Jam Music Network), film (GTV), and sports (ABA Gold) involvements, but will bring real health benefits to the island for the growing diabetes and high blood pressure epidemics.

Ghost Beverages founder and CEO Ryan Carter said, “We built Ghost to heal the world, and now we are taking this opportunity to make a major impact on the Caribbean. This deal not only solidifies a new hub of operations, but will also serve as a springboard for our overseas business.”

About Ghost Beverage

Ghost Beverage is a wellness brand producing tasty, natural and refreshing functional beverages that are enriched with the right amount of vitamins and other functional ingredients to allow the consumer to overcome the day-to-day challenges of a busy work life, both from physical & cognitive perspectives. Our aim is to help our consumers embrace life with performance and happiness: make every day better, easier and more productive by changing the way people think and drink.

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