Zhu Zhengting: Keep walking, All the way forward…

Congratulations!! Zhu zhengting was published again in Nasdaq and Reuters.He has been taking traditional Chinese dance since he was 8 years old, ballet since he was 12 and modern dance since he was 16. His name is ZHU, ZHENGTING.

In 2014, Zhengting won the first prize with his Chinese dance choreography performance at the XQ Cup Dance Competition hosted by Shanghai Theatre Academy. He was the only first year student to have won a prize at the competition. On April 6, 2018, Zhengting was ranked sixth among one hundred competitors at the reality show “Idol Producer” and formed the Chinese pop group Nine Percent along with eight other competitors.

He has solid technical prowess in dancing, extraordinary flexibility and beautiful body movement obtained through years of rigorous training to perfect his craft. Coupled with his exceptional vocal ability, the fans have long since referred to him as “The Fairy”.

He is a dancer, singer and more importantly, grown into a leader to his peers. He has not become complacent with what was achieved. Not wanting to be easily defined and associated with what he already has, Zhengting had never stopped challenging himself and always stretched himself beyond the limit. As a remarkable individual who possesses many talents, he has demonstrated considerable skills as an acting Sous Chef at a hotel resort as part of a cooking show. Furthermore, Zhengting volunteered to Space Project-C to partake in astronaut training and delivered the experience to the public. “Nothing is impossible,” he says. “Never set a limit on your dreams.”

On the stage, he is “The Fairy”. Every move on the stage shows his passion for dance and music. Zhengting leads the group to success and is noted for his stage presence. He had perseverance in the face of obstacles and created his own path to success. His future will be brighter than ever.

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