Tkeycoin Unveils Innovative Global Blockchain Cryptocurrency

Dubai, UAE – Tkeycoin is pleased to announce the upcoming global launch of the world’s latest innovative blockchain cryptocurrency. The launch, which is scheduled to appear in January 2019, will unveil one of the most innovative blockchain cryptocurrencies on the global market. 

The Tkeycoin platform is a simple and decentralized way to exchange money with the lowest fees in the world. “That’s always been our goal and it will remain this way into the future,” says Pavel, founder of Tkeycoin. “We want to make cryptocurrencies understandable and available to everyone.”

Tkeycoin commenced work on their cryptocurrency in October 2017. According to their website, Tkeycoin was developed by a professional team of engineers, mathematicians, enthusiast and dreamers and is specifically designed to be decentralized, scalable, peer-to-peer, and quantum stable. 

“Our platform uses a Proof-of-Work algorithm that is ultra fast and ultra stable,” says Pavel. “It is capable of handling thousands of transactions and stays stable against double-spending, egoistic mining and DDoS attacks.”

It is this innovative decentralized wallet system that sets Tkeycoin apart from other cryptocurrencies. “Decentralization is one of the most important features that makes our product unique from traditional e-money,” Pavel states. “No organization in the world controls the Tkeycoin platform, which means no one can tell you what to do with your savings. You can transfer money around the globe, buy your favorite goods in your favorite store, and even cash your exchanges in international markets.”

“What’s even more impressive is that with Tkeycoin there are no blocks (keep any amounts and any timeframes), no sanctions (access in any country from any device, and no control (anonymous and fast transfers).”

Tkeycoin users can also mine the web for its product, no matter where they live. To mine, users can utilize their own home PC or specialized equipment. The company provides a comprehensive manual to assist investors or platform users with this application.

Tkeycoin has a highly active social media community of trusted investors on Facebook, Instagram, and Vkontakte.

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