Meet the Game changer, the Nigerian Entrepreneur on the Forbes 40 under 40 entrepreneurs watch list

Ambassador Charles Kelechi Anyanwu popularly known as 7 Figure Boss is a Nigerian serial entrepreneur, author, speaker, business coach and internet personality.

Charles Kelechi Anyanwu is best known for his work in digital marketing and social media, leading Nigerian based companies Shockwave Films, Discount Mall Naija and the 7 Figure Boss  brand. He rose to become one of the highly sought after business coach and mentor as he received two awards in the same year as The Entrepreneur of the Year and that automatically put him on the Forbes 40 under 40 watch list.  Having helped thousands of businesses all over the world grow their businesses to the highest peak we are quite sure his best is yet to come.

We spoke with Charles Kelechi Anyanwu about how he got started and how he’s building his billionaire empire, in an episode of “Promising Entrepreneurs to Watch out For” it’s a podcast that explores the career paths of today’s most promising entrepreneurs.

Rex: How long have you been an entrepreneur?

Amb. Charles: for over 15years. I started as a photographer when I was in secondary school. Then I’d take pictures of our students in the hostels and then sneak out of the school to go and develop it cause back then what we had was analog cameras so I develop first then go back and show my customers for them to choose the one they want then I’d look for another golden opportunity to sneak out again to go and print the pictures. I had lots of customers then because everyone wanted to show their parents what their hostel looks like and they type of food they ate and all that. When I left school I ventured into music because I had the passion and ofcourse the talent as well. I chose to do gospel because I couldn’t see myself doing any other type of song because I’m a born again Christian and a lover of Christ so I always want to praise him. My stage name then was Churchfellow. I had about 3 singles and my first ever single went viral in the eastern part of Nigeria but as you know, music business needs serious funds to push it so on that note I had to suspend my musical career to make money first because most promoter will eat “God bless you” lol. So that’s how I started my entrepreneurial journey.

Rex: Wow! That was well detailed, from what you have said, I have a couple of questions but before I get to it, I want to know if you’d still go back to music at any point in your life?  

Amb. Charles: lol…. Well, the Churchfellow brand will be back someday but when is what I really can’t tell but I know music is one of my passion and before I leave this earth I’d have atleast 2 albums to my name, God willing.

Rex: That’s good to know, because I really would love to watch you perform as a music artist. So tell me, you do business trainings, what’s the level of success you’ve recorded so far?

Amb. Charles: Well, I don’t really count by the number in attendance but the number that actually went out and took action because in our society today, we have a lot of people who would rather read gossips than work.  Haven said that, I believe all my trainings have been successful especially my mini importation training and my Side hustle training, I’ve received thousands of testimonies and even till date, people still write me on Instagram to thank me for coaching them to become successful entrepreneurs.

Rex: You are a business coach as well, right?

Amb. Charles: Yes! I’ve coached over one thousand entrepreneurs and still counting.

Rex: What is your biggest strength?

Amb. Charles: Ability not to quit and ability to figure things out super fast

Rex: You won 2 award in a row as the Entrepreneur of the Year 2018 and I also learnt you have also been nominated for another award in the same category for 2019?

Amb. Charles: Yes!

Rex: You know, When I meet inspiring and super successful people like you I always like to ask the question of “what motivates you as an entrepreneur?”

Amb. Charles: “I enjoy connecting with people and motivating them to achieve their dreams. Sharing my business experiences and teaching them new approach to growing their businesses. I also share with them what the power of having a big audience can do for them.”

Rex: What is your advice to people looking to startup a business or people who want to expand their business?

Amb. Charles: my advice remains the same — stop wasting time on non-important things, and hustle to build your brand. Take advantage of the technology around you like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and establish your credibility and once that is done you’d have thousands of loyal followers who would want to buy whatever it is you are selling or will want to sell.

As with anything in life, you just need to figure out What you really want? Are you wasting your time by doing things that aren’t allowing you to achieve the levels you want? If you really want to grow your brand, start putting out content, engage with people that may be interested in what you have to offer, cold call, and do whatever else it takes, even if that means having five hours less of sleep.

Rex: Where would love people to contact you incase anyone is interested in you helping them grow their business?

Amb. Charles: I prefer Instagram. Just shoot me a message on (@7figureboss) and I’d definitely reply.

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