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October 25, 2018 – Yvette M. Murphy, a Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis patient, wrote two books to inspire her readers in following God. Her masterpieces are entitled, “My Secret Place with God and Follow Me: Discipleship.” Her first book, My Secret Place with God has different names for the Most High. It gives 31 days of explicit prayers with relating scriptures. Yvette says, “The 31 days of prayers defines who God is during troubled times. It also have various days of thankfulness.

The book implies there is no time to lie down. Instead, we must rise up and take our rightful position by shifting to the God Mode. Refer to Genesis 1:26-27 [KJV]

Her second book Follow Me: Discipleship is meant to encourage the hearts of persons who are contemplating on following Jesus Christ. It also reaches out to readers who have made the excellent choice of imitating the Lord. Yvette devoted her heart to God in January 1999 when she was enduring health problems. It was almost a life or death situation for the young woman. Not knowing the real cause of her ailment, Yvette cried out to God. Only the Lord can cure her. On May 18 of that same year she was diagnosed with this type of sclerosis. It poses a severe challenge, but the “Champion” is destined to win. The author has always been in “Bounce Back Mode. She encourages everyone to rebound because “Champions” never quit. “Keep your head above your shoulders with God being your Defender [Psalms 89:18 KJV].”

Follow Me: Discipleship teaches biblical concepts. It awakens the hearts of people on “The Great Commission.” In Matthew 28:19-30 Jesus says, Therefore go and make disciples…

Follow Me also give guidance to believers on how to live righteously as loyal followers of Jesus Christ. Follow Me have a visual picture on the studying of God’s Word, and praying collectively. This is precisely the mission for disciples on teaching others who are willing to be radical in following the Lord. Follow Me provides information about “The Whole Armor of God” for the equipping of the disciples every day.

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About the Author

Yvette M. Murphy is a mother to one loving daughter, Shwana. She began working for the New Jersey State Government September 1986. This was during her senior year in high school through a student work program. She retired June 2013 after 26 1/2 years. She was also ordained a Local Deacon in the African Methodist Church in March 2004. In that same year the Lord motivated her to write her first-ever Sunday school play. Until today, Yvette has not stopped posting encouraging words, forwarding prayers for individuals and families, and spiritual warfare prayers. The writer is also a mentor. Her first book was published on August 18, 2016. Yvette’s two other books were published August 2018.

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