Pallet Consultants and Semi X Media team up to deliver results

“Pallet Consultants is a pallet manufacturing and distribution company with locations throughout the United States.”
Partnership will offer mobile billboards on semi trailers across the country

Pallet Consultants and Semi X Media announced a partnership today that will allow companies to advertise on more than 500 trailers across the southeastern United States.

As one of the nation’s largest distributors of high-quality pallets and pallet services, Pallet Consultants has a fleet of more than 500 trailers distributed throughout the United States. For Semi X Media, that fleet represents 500 mobile billboards that will be used to advertise for companies looking to gain exposure within certain markets, both locally and nationally.

“It is the perfect partnership,” remarked Pallet Consultants CEO, Gustavo Gutierrez. “We get to continue transporting and retrieving pallets across the country, and Semi X Media gets to take advantage of the space on our trailers while giving us a percentage of the sales. We’re able to generate additional revenue which will allow us to continue our expansion efforts.”

“There is so much opportunity for brands across the country to engage with their customers on the road,” says Semi X Media CEO, Emily Johns. “We are able take available trailer space, work with our clients to determine the market they want to target, and then make sure the trailers in that market have the messaging on them that their customers will respond to. Our in-house graphic designers work with the specifications of the trailers to make sure the messaging looks great, and then the trucks go on their way to the destinations with the approved messaging. All of the trailers contracted with Semi X Media are equipped with a GPS, this allows us to ensure that these mobile billboards are reaching their target market.”

Representatives from both Pallet Consultants and Semi X Media are available for interviews. To schedule an interview, contact Claire Anderson at 800-605-3181.

About Pallet Consultants:

Founded in 1996 in Pompano Beach, Florida, Pallet Consultants is a high-quality pallet manufacturer and distributor with core facilities located in the southeast. Pallet Consultants serves grocery warehouses, produce packers, citrus growers, bottling companies, e-commerce warehouses and many other industries. Pallet Consultants’ fleet of over 500 trailers provides exceptional transportation options to clients, allowing the company to deliver and retrieve pallets within 24 hours throughout the continental United States.

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SEMI X MEDIA is a full service truck-side advertising company located in the United States and Canada. SEMI X MEDIA specializes in bringing campaign visions to the road, allowing campaigns to reach potential customers as they drive. SEMI X MEDIA conducts campaigns by placing as many mobile billboards as necessary within the target area. SEMI X MEDIA has thousands of registered trailers across the United States, allowing national campaigns to thrive.

Semi X Media is a full-service mobile billboard advertising agency.

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