Needle, Hook, Fabric And Thread: Mary Ann\’s Store Rekindles Interest In Arts And Crafts Movement

There’s a new growing global trend that is “threatening” technology’s prevalence, and it’s none other than the revival of arts and crafts movement. Ms. Mary Ann Digiacomo, Owner of Mary Ann’s Store, a premiere online shopping destination for those devoted to knitting, sewing, and crocheting, recently spoke of the reasons behind the mass gravitation towards these age-old yet timeless hobbies.

“It’s time to turn away from the screens and get back to doing more productive things with our time,” said Ms. Digiacomo. “It is no surprise that arts and crafts are making a comeback. People acknowledge how, by taking up hobbies such as knitting, crocheting or sewing, they can decompress from daily stress, all while enjoying the tangible result of their efforts, in the form of their fabric, woolen or threaded creations, too.”

In her mission to supply crafters worldwide with just what they need to focus on their hobbies, Ms. Digiacomo has created a curated selection of products for Mary Ann’s Store, which include, but are not limited to, threads; yarn; fabrics; crochet hooks; needles; tape measures; rulers; patterns; patches and button sets. Mary Ann’s Store products stand out for their impeccable quality and durable construction, and, according to Ms. Digiacomo, are “smart investments” for crafters, who would otherwise have to spend significant capital for similar items, which ultimately wouldn’t live up to the standards of excellence upheld by Mary Ann’s Store merchandise.

“It is my honor to be apple to share my passion with other arts and crafts enthusiasts through my store. My goal is to choose nothing sort of the best materials and tools for them to delve into their favorite pastime, knowing they are equipped with just what they need to craft their very own handmade masterpieces.”

Customers are advised to check back often to Mary Ann’s Store often, since new inventory across all store categories is added on a regular basis.

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