The Thrall Group proves the most valuable building is relationship building

New family venture brings a familiar name to the Texas property industry

DALLAS – October 25, 2018 – A fixture in the Dallas-Fort Worth contracting scene is renovating how Texans handle their property needs.
Johnathan Thrall has made hundreds of residential, commercial, property management and remodeling deals in the DFW area during his many years in business development and project management. During that time, he realized that despite the size of the Metroplex, there was no “one stop shop” for all property needs.

“If you’re buying and selling property, you would have to potentially research realtors, lenders, architects, contractors, appraisers, insurance agents, possibly even photographers and drone pilots – it’s just not a very efficient marketplace,” says Thrall. “I told this to my wife Michelle, and she said, ‘well, that’s why they have you,’ – and then the idea just blossomed from there.”

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With Michelle leaving her position at Lexus Corporate Headquarters to become the company’s Chief Marketing Officer, The Thrall Group is ready to open its doors to anyone in the Dallas or Austin areas who needs help with residential, commercial, property management or remodeling projects. Johnathan says the Thrall Group makes sense to both consumers and professionals in the industry because of its revolutionary zero markup structure.
“We believe in relationships so much, we’re staking our business on it,” says Johnathan. “We put clients in touch with our network of providers and help them with their projects every step of the way, and we don’t charge them a dime. We aren’t charging the vendors we partner with, either, because we believe the vendors will give us solid leads in return. We get paid in leads, and that means we can offer deals that other consultants won’t be able to match. That’s the power of relationships.”
Because the company is built upon relationships, Johnathan says The Thrall Group’s relationship with the community must also be strong.

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“We know that a building is only as strong as the relationships that got it built,” says Johnathan. “That’s why we only work with the most reputable vendors who deliver quality work. That’s how you build a strong community. That’s also why a portion of our profits from every project we work on goes to charity. It’s important to make sure that the entire community benefits from progress.”
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About The Thrall Group:

The Thrall Group is based around three guiding principles: integrity, reliability and quality. The Thrall Group is a hub for those looking for qualified remodeling, residential construction, business construction or property management contractors. Vendors who partner with The Thrall Group will receive leads and marketing for being a part of this unique partnership. The Thrall Group will be there for clients through each step of the project’s process; from initial brainstorming and budgeting to final cost estimates.

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