Reported by Well-known U.S. TV Stations – Datumesh enters NASDAQ to change the traditional data structure

At 10am New York Time on September 21st, 2018, in Manhattan Times Square, the large screen of NASDAQ, known by public opinion as “the First Screen in the World”, is changing with light and shadow. The 936-square-metre screen flashed a huge blue-white stripe of data security and a constantly surging stream of data – Datumesh, powerful public-chain technology of Europe will open its global layout.

As the world’s financial center, New York is home to the business elite in the world every year. As the most prosperous commercial core area in New York, Times Square is known as “the crossroads of the world” and is a well-deserved wealth landmark in the world. Among them, semi-cylindrical large screen of NASDAQ has long been the best witness to international business trends and changes in the global pattern. What’s more, it is a stage for top enterprises and teams from all walks of life in the world.

On the one hand, the appearance of Datumesh on the NASDAQ screen is a symbol of entering the global of this project. On the other hand, it pioneered a data-sharing blockchain project, which demonstrates its lofty position as a leader in the chain circle and shows the confidence and hope to reshape the data information network in the era of big data.

Datumesh, as the most advanced public chain for sharing ecological data in Europe and even in the world, has already replaced its 3.275 billion distribution share worldwide after completing angel financing of the project in the middle of 2018, and has really achieved its leading position in the current chain circle.

The core technology of Datumesh is developed by the top technology development team of Europe. The team and consultants are all core network engineers from the world’s top companies such as Microsoft and IBM, and have already received strong investment from several world’s top capitals and organizations from Andrew Capital and BBC in the early days of development. What’s more, its debut has attracted the attention and coverage of hundreds of mainstream media websites in the world such as Digital Journal, The Daily Herald, Yahoo Finance, Morningstar,, the American Morning News and so on. Whether from the innovation and technology of the project or from the strength of obtaining investment and external attention, Datumesh has created a new history of coin circles.

Datumesh has taken a new approach in the era of big data popularity, aiming to break down barriers to data sharing and build a network for deep data sharing to reshape the data industry. All of its actions have always attracted global attention. Well-known U.S. TV Stations reported the recent landing of Datumesh on the NASDAQ large screen in depth. ABC even pointed out directly that it was the beginning of announcing its global layout of Datumesh on the NASDAQ screen. Since the video was launched, the number of hits has soared, which not only won the praise of professionals inside the chain, but also touched the hearts of the public.

The large screen of “NASDAQ has the honor of showing the world how Datumesh reshapes the data industry. The powerful landing of Datumesh attracted more people to focus on the block chain, and it itself was also recognized as the public chain that started a new era in the chain circle…” Nightline reported. The colorful data stream in the video gushes out from Times Square, flows to the world and every individual, which not only represents the strong vitality and influence of the upcoming global strategy of Datumesh, but also symbolizes that the global data sharing network represented by Datumesh is being rapidly developed.

“Big data is not mineral deposits, but soil. Open data are rivers on the land, where rivers flow, will breed a developed data civilization.” – Feng Zhongguo, supervisor of Asian Enthusiast Community, to explain the foundation of Datumesh by quoting the words of Tu Zipei, vice president of Alibaba.

Today, data sharing in the era of big data is already facing the most pressing challenges – Security and Integrity. Security is mainly about the security of data storage and the privacy of data, while integrity is mainly about the compatibility and continuity of data in data interaction.

It is against these pain points and limitations, Datumesh came into being. It relies on DAG consensus structure and Byzantine Fault Tolerance, IPFS interstellar file system, URI reuse, data interconnection between LOD release and RDF link mechanism, and zero knowledge proof technology system. Solve the sharing problem of all user identity attributes by building a public chain of ecological data sharing; At the same time, all the industry problems are solved by compressing the cost of data retrieval and the public chain of fragmented data storage. Finally, data sharing is realized.

DAG structure and Byzantine Fault Tolerance reduce the cost and improve the efficiency of data storage on the chain through directed acyclic network and algorithm mechanism. At the same time, it can effectively prevent the double spending problem and guarantee the security of the system; On the basis of this consensus, Datumesh adopts IPFS interstellar file transfer system to realize distributed point-to-point data sharing, thus eliminating centralization and intermediary intervention; The data transmission process overcomes the problem of incompatible standards and reduces the storage cost with the help of URI reuse, LOD publishing and RDF linking mechanism; The use of zero knowledge proof in cryptography also solves many security problems in the process of data transmission and sharing, and develops the building module of privacy system.

Datumesh is realizing the integration of block chain and database underlying technology to create a mature decentralized data sharing system. It does not have Global Interpreter Lock and fixed nodes to generate logs, which not only maintains the integrity and transparency of data, but also maintains block security by using Merkle Tree and mining inspection. Based on the use of the underlying technology of the block chain, Datumesh will eventually build a distributed and decentralized online data sharing and transmission platform on the chain by using intelligent mobile devices as terminals and carriers. At the same time, with the help of the traditional network platform, the innovative landing of its DAPP is realized.

These are the mysteries of Datumesh.

Let Business Angel go crazy, let hundreds of mainstream media in the world bow down, and let NASDAQ become the starting point of its global strategic layout. As the representative of the new era of coin circle, Datumesh is radiating its influence to the whole world step by step. The future has come, but it is not yet popular.

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