Britain\’s new high-end luxury brand – Osuccess

Osuccess one of the UK’s new high-end luxury brands, was founded in London in 2018 and specializes in high-end personal customization of diamond jewelry products.

Osuccess is a brand new high-end luxury brand founded by Mr. Ben Elliot. Osuccess was formerly a craftsman of the royal jewelry, dating from 1781, one of the oldest luxury brands in the world. As the top brand of the British royal family, the oldest qualified luxury jewelry brand, which is deeply trusted and respected by the British royal family, it has flourished for more than two hundred years.

Mr. Ben Elliot has a 40 years artistic and cultural heritage and the team has a 30 years experience in jewelry mosaic design and each designer is unique, being able to create a unique design style with extraordinary senses of aesthetic.

Identity and jewelry have always been closely linked, and the custom service offered by Osuccess is destined to enter the high-end private group, which is a way for the customers to show their own dignity and royal status as well as being a treasure that is handed down from generation to generation. Osuccess Diamonds company will open the door to the customers of the high-end and spreads its high-quality services to every group.

In the fall of 2018, Osuccess officially released its two largest diamond jewelry series, “Legend”, “Inherit” and the Inherit series is limited to 999 units per product worldwide, the only engraved number in the world and the whole process was produced under the supervision of the International Diamond Association.

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