Resistance loop bands and fitness sliders come together under a new brand called NewYu Fitness.

Olympian Athletics, an ecommerce fitness store that heavily supports strong mental, emotional, and physical living, has launched ‘NewYu Fitness’, the brand that brings out more power with greater ease. NewYu is offering resistance exercise bands and Ab Slider Discs with the tagline, ‘Welcome to the New You’.

Whether athletes, swimmers, cyclists or just fitness enthusiasts, all users can experience a higher level of achievement and building strength, flexibility and muscle tone with the new resistance exercise bands and ab slider discs. Made with higher standards compared to other such products, these are the products to bring out the ‘new you’, at a home gym, during travel or even at a cubicle desk. 

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NewYu Fitness Exercise Bands offer five natural latex resistance bands with two sliders. The bands engage with the core and keep the body protected. For those with outer knee joint pain (IT band syndrome), the exercise bands work to strengthen the hip and knee muscles, including the IT band. Simply lay on the side and raise the knee up and down with a suitable intensity band.

No matter what the surface, carpet or wood, the ab slider discs can be moved around swiftly without slipping or scratching. The extra padding is double the size found on normal fitness sliders. Beveled edges allow a free slide without catching carpet, allowing users to focus mentally and physically on their routine.

Add years to your life with our mini exercise bands and floor sliders. This is our gift to help you become your best self, the new you – ‘Olympian Strong’. And if you do like lifting weights, add these into your routine while lifting,” says Michael Parker of Olympian Athletics.

Olympic Athletics and NewYu Fitness do not merely sell products, but also want to stay in touch to offer support via social media. Customers will also get to visit an exclusive website to connect with health coaches, nutritionists, physical therapists and other professionals. The new support network of health professionals is due to be released late 2018 for anyone who purchases their product on Amazon. More information will be released in their newsletter available on their website

Olympian Athletics has been founded to help everyone acquire the physical and mental strength that makes for the Olympic athlete within us all.  The company is expanding from the aquatics niche and aims to become a hub of knowledge for full fitness workouts, how-to videos, inspiration, good diets, and tools of exercise.

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